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Backup a given path to a FTP server
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This propgram backups a path to a remote FTP.

Requirements :
* Ruby

  ftp_backup <config> <backup name> <backup path> [<tar options...>]

It will tar the whole path and save it to <backup name>.tgz on the FTP server.

It will rename the previous backup to <backup name>.last.tgz if it exists.

The program will backup mounted filesystems in the given path. If you want
to exclude them, add the --one-file-system to the command line.

You can also exclude files with --exclude=foo.

Example :
* Copy sample_config.yml to /etc/ftp_backup.yml
* Edit /etc/ftp_backup.yml
* Run "ftp_backup /etc/ftp_backup.yml root / --one-file-system"

LVM backup:
lvm_partition_ftp_backup can be used to backup a partition inside a LVM
logical volume.

Usage: lvm_partition_ftp_backup <config> <volume group> <logical volume> <change size> <partition number> [<tar options...>]

<change size> is the size to reserve for the snapshot. It must be sufficient
to store changes in the logical volume while the backup is in progress. You
can use suffixes, for example 500M or 1G.

* kpartx
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