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I autistically gathered every quirk I have found with the frontend of Lila. Still haven't had time to learn Java or Scala (and getting familiar with the codebase will likely take even longer considering there's no doc file), so that will have to wait, hehe.

  • 'Search' is better than 'Search a player' (should have a 'for' there anyway')
  • Search box should be global in the forum
  • - though now you are taken to a separate page unlike in the past, this is less elegant than my proposition.
  • After you submit a translation, you are returned to the original shade of the page (i.e. black -> white)
  • Yin-Yang mode:
    • -> the question mark for when a player is okay with taking either side is also ugly apart from the others that have stayed
    • In 'play with a friend', yin-yang doesn't work right and the link has a white background
    • The link on the homepage doesn't change colouron mouseover, or at least it appears so to the naked eye (doubt the script to do that is disabled though).
    • Can't see which languages have been completely translated as the bar doesn't turn to green
  • Exclamation mark in the chess CAPTCHA. The exclamation mark is not used universally.
  • ELO should be Elo. A simple global s/ELO/Elo should do the trick.
  • For all the search engines on the site, search uses double quotation marks (") which are not universal
  • 'Search in forum' font size is smaller than 'Search in teams' (appears after one has searched either from the search box).
  • Displaying FEN at the bottom is confusing and seriously brings down the UX... more appropriate would be 'Continue from here' (currently the alt text) and a text box you can copy the FEN appearing upon click 'Continue from here'.
  • Should be able to scroll through the various boxes (e.g. chat) with a mouse scroll wheel. Lots of other websites use a jQuery UI element for that just as Lichess does (though it may be a less outdated version for them) yet scrolling works for them...?

w00t that's gonna help, thanks! I'm doing a big refactoring at the moment, so the frontend changes will be delayed, but I'll notify here the fixes when they come.

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