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Chess server written in scala/play2/clojurescript for mongodb and elasticsearch

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Backend of

  • Scala 2.9 with Play2, Akka 2, Scalaz and Salat
  • Scalachess
  • MongoDB 2.2


This is full-stack application, not a library, and it may not be straightforward to get it fully running. I assume you run a Unix with mongodb.

Some steps of the installation will trigger a download of the galaxy. It will take ages.

git clone git://
cd lila
git submodule update --init
bin/play compile


cp conf/local.conf.dist conf/local.conf

conf/local.conf extends conf/base.conf and can override any value. Note that conf/local.conf is excluded from git index.

Run it

Launch the play console using your local configuration:


From here you can now run the application (run). Open your web browser at localhost:9000.

To run the test, use test.


Register as daemon on archlinux

cd /etc/rc.d
sudo ln -s /path/to/lila/bin/prod/archlinux/rc.d/lila ./
cd /etc/conf.d
sudo ln -s /path/to/lila/bin/prod/archlinux/conf.d/lila ./
  • Configure the daemon in /etc/conf.d/lila
  • Add lila to DAEMONS in /etc/rc.conf

Optional ulimit -n 99999

Restart on timeout

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