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Handling title verification requests

Isaac Levy edited this page Jul 21, 2018 · 21 revisions

In order for a Lichess user account to be given a FIDE or NM title, the user must fill out the title verification form on (now also requiring a selfie with the identity document). All title requests should be funneled into this form.

When the provided information is verified, the correct title can be set by a Lichess moderator and the player will be informed automatically by email. If the request is rejected, the user has to be informed manually.

NM titles


  • We accept: ГР/GM, MC/Master of Sport (2400+ for men, 2200+ for women)
  • We don't accept: KMC


  • We accept: MC (2300+ for men, 2100+ for women)
  • We don't accept: KM


Lookup tool, based on

  • We accept: MN


  • We accept: NM (2200+), WNM


  • We accept: Artist (2290+), Senior Artist (2400+)
  • We don't accept: Candidate for the Artist (2070+), Senior candidate for the artist (2180+)


  • We accept: M
  • We don't accept: K++, K+, K

Costa Rica

  • We accept: NM

More info

Relevant Gmail canned responses

  • Title: Request docs
  • Title: Confirmed
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