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config fixes to have adios compile on windows/cygwin Jul 31, 2015
doc updated adios_group_size() in manual Apr 28, 2016
examples update error message in adios_expected_var_size() Apr 27, 2016
scripts Removed stray semicolons (added by SET command) from multi-arg calls … Jan 29, 2016
src update error message in adios_expected_var_size() Apr 27, 2016
tests rename list_methods to adios_list_methods everywhere Apr 8, 2016
toolchain/cray fix VAR replacement bug Jan 8, 2015
tutorial updated tutorial staging example for 1.7 with dataspaces 1.4 Aug 28, 2014
utils Rename list_method* utilities to adios_list_method* Mar 15, 2016
wrappers To follow attribute rule Mar 15, 2016
.gitignore git ignore Eclipse PTP remote synchronization files Jan 29, 2016
AUTHORS Added back COPYING because it is generated by anyway. Nov 3, 2009
CMakeLists.txt fix CMakeLists.txt due to renaming to… Apr 21, 2016
COPYING Added DOE contract number Nov 9, 2009
ChangeLog Next step towards getting autoconf working for adios. Jun 18, 2008
INSTALL 1.8 -> 1.9 in scripts Jun 23, 2015
KNOWN_BUGS Merged changes from trunk through revision 2274, and ran t… Jan 17, 2013
MAC_ISSUES.txt No commit message Apr 14, 2010 fix install-data-hook to run git in top_srcdir correctly with old and… Mar 31, 2016
NEWS some notes into NEWS Apr 22, 2016
README replaced header in README Oct 29, 2013
RELEASE_VERSIONS Note the git commit id of the 1.6.0 release in RELEASE_VERSIONS Jan 7, 2014
TODO updated TODO, moved some stuff to new file TODO_INTERNAL Dec 18, 2013
TODO-1.2 renamed ancient TODO to TODO-1.2 Jul 12, 2012
TODO-1.4 Merged changes in trunk through revision 2047 into the transforms branch Nov 6, 2012
TODO-1.4.1 Merged changes from trunk. Fixed conflicts in read_bp.c (unsure of th… Dec 5, 2012
TODO_INTERNAL check out some todos Mar 27, 2014
adios_config.flags.cmake fixed linker flags in cmake version of adios_config Dec 2, 2015 Generate adios_config.flags in two steps during configure AND make to… Mar 31, 2016 rename list_methods to adios_list_methods everywhere Apr 8, 2016 Updated Autotools after the final master/adios-query merge Dec 5, 2014
cmake_init Added Hasan's workstation to cmake_init Apr 21, 2016
config.h.cmake Added public/adios_version.h, generated at configure time from public… May 11, 2015 add check in configure if -lm is needed in LIBS to link utilities May 4, 2016 fix remove toolchain.cmake, add toolchain/ Dec 18, 2014
runconf load newer automake and autoconf on Edison before build Mar 5, 2016
todo-for-1.0.txt added +s Nov 10, 2009


ADIOS (Adaptable I/O System) 

Please look at the examples/ directory for the example codes on how to 
use ADIOS. If you need more detailed information, please, read the User's 

Please read COPYING for the copyright. 

This release contains only a limited set of transport methods for different
I/O uses. There are more methods, actively researched ones, available.
Contact us to get them.

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