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Automate Downloads of Multiple Daymet Single Pixel Data

This repo contains the necessary Java program for automating the download of multiple locations of Daymet data with one script. This will require you to have Java installed on your machine.

Note: This has been improved from the script within daymet.zip. Now you can subset Daymet Single Pixel Data on Daymet years and variables

Example Usage

  1. Download all the files in this directory (make sure you keep them in the same directory).
  2. Update the latlon.txt file with your lat/lon pairs of interest (you can also specify variables and years).
  3. Run the following command:
$ bash daymet_multiple_extraction.sh


$ java -jar -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2 daymet_multiple_extraction.jar latlon.txt

Here is a sample run:

$ ls
Daymet.java   daymet_multiple_extraction.jar   latlon.txt
README.md     daymet_multiple_extraction.sh    manifest.mf

$ cat latlon.txt
Variables: tmin, tmax, prcp
years: 2012,2013,2014
file1.csv, 45.0,   -97.0
45.3, -97.0
46.3, -97
42.1, -101

$ bash daymet_multiple_extraction.sh
Processing: https://daymet.ornl.gov/single-pixel/api/data?lat=45.0&lon=-97.0&measuredParams=tmin,tmax,prcp&year=2012,2013,2014
Processing: https://daymet.ornl.gov/single-pixel/api/data?lat=45.3&lon=-97.0&measuredParams=tmin,tmax,prcp&year=2012,2013,2014
Processing: https://daymet.ornl.gov/single-pixel/api/data?lat=46.3&lon=-97.0&measuredParams=tmin,tmax,prcp&year=2012,2013,2014
Processing: https://daymet.ornl.gov/single-pixel/api/data?lat=42.1&lon=-101.0&measuredParams=tmin,tmax,prcp&year=2012,2013,2014
Processing: https://daymet.ornl.gov/single-pixel/api/data?lat=50.0&lon=-95.0&measuredParams=tmin,tmax,prcp&year=2012,2013,2014
Finished downloading 5 files.

$ ls
11920_lat42.1_lon-101.0_2018-09-04_045627.csv	12643_lat50.0_lon-95.0_2018-09-04_045627.csv	latlon.txt
12102_lat45.3_lon-97.0_2018-09-04_045627.csv	daymet_multiple_extraction.jar
12282_lat46.3_lon-97.0_2018-09-04_045627.csv	file1.csv  README.md

Making Changes

If you wish to make changes to the Java code, you will need to re-compile and update the daymet_multiple_extraction.jar file. You will need to have the manifest.mf file in the same directory that you compile from.

$ javac Daymet.java
$ jar cfm daymet_multiple_extraction.jar manifest.mf Daymet.class