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OroNotificationBundle extends the OroEmailBundle capabilities and enables the email notification feature in Oro applications. It provides the UI and CLI tool to send and manage email notifications.

Console commands


Command to send maintenance notification emails.

Parameters are:

  • message - message to insert into email body. Optional.
  • file - path to the text file with message. Optional.
  • subject - email subject. Optional. If not provided, email subject from default maintenance template is used.
  • sender_name - sender name. Optional. If not provided, sender name from Notification Rules configuration is used.
  • sender_email - sender email. Optional. If not provided, sender email from Notification Rules configuration is used.

To send notifications on production servers --env=prod option should be added to use production email settings.

Notification Rule creation

System > Emails > Notification Rules > Create Notification Rule

In order to create Notification Rule you should specify:

  • Entity Name
  • Event Name (Entity create, Entity remove, Entity update, Workflow transition)
  • Template

You can get List of predefined templates or create one from System > Emails > Templates

Also you should to choose at least one recipient from Recipient list group:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Email
  • Additional Associations
  • Contact Emails

Additional Associations and Contact Emails depends on selected Entity Name. Contact Emails allows to check recepients stored in entity fields marked as Contact Information > Email. More info about configuring such fields here.

Please note: After rule was created, after firing specified in it events will be created jobs for consumer to submit emails chosen in Recipient list group. Please check that consumer is running.