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OroSoapBundle is deprecated. Please, use OroApiBundle instead.

OroSoapBundle extends FOSRestBundle and provides developers with a way to create REST and SOAP API in their bundles by extending abstract API controller classes.


Bundle adds support of SOAP controller classes and builds a single WSDL file for SOAP API definition.

Configuration in config/config.yml file:

            namespace:     http://symfony.loc/Api/1.0/
            binding:       rpc-literal
            resource:      "%kernel.project_dir%/src/Oro/Bundle/SoapBundle/Resources/config/soap.yml"
            resource_type: yml


  • namespace - namespase of WSDL file
  • binding - SOAP messaging format (rpc-literal)
  • resource - full path to yml config file
  • resource_type - for SoapBundle is 'yml'

Resource file consists of array of SOAP API controllers.

Example of yml resource file:

  - Oro\Bundle\SearchBundle\Controller\Api\SoapController
  - Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Controller\Api\SoapController


Include additional info into response

We enabled support of X-Include header that allows client to ask server to fill request with some additional info that is not required for each call but useful single time (such as total count of records in collection, last modified date etc..). This header should contain data keys separated by semicolon. In order to support this feature your REST controller should extend one of base controllers from OroSoapBundle and send responses using buildResponse method.

Out of the box we support totalCount add-in, but there is possibility to develop handlers responsible for another add-in requests. Handler should implement Oro\Bundle\SoapBundle\Request\Handler\IncludeHandlerInterface and registered as service with tag oro_soap.include_handler with alias option that should correspond to requested add-in key that it handles.


Client asked for info with following header X-Include: totalCount, lastModifiedDate Now system contains handler that could process totalCount add-in only, so response will contain header X-Include-Unknown: lastModifiedDate and header with record count (e.g. X-Include-Total-Count: 200)

Then you want to add support of lastModifiedDate add-in then you develop new handler(let's call it LastModifiedHandler) then register it as service

       class: Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Handler\LastModifiedHandler
           - { name: oro_soap.include_handler, alias: lastModifiedDate }

If system has handlers to process add-ins requested, but current resource/controller does not provide all dependencies that handler requires then those add-ins will be listed in response header X-Include-Unsupported