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v0.18.0 - 08/15/2017

!! NOTE: This version requires a Minecraft 1.12 release! (Minecraft 1.13 and higher is not supported.)

!! NOTE: MCDungeon Python now requires pyyaml and nbt2yaml python modules.

  • Added 1.12 blocks. (Concrete, Glazed Terracotta) (JiFish)
  • Added Mosaic floor types based on Glazed Terracotta blocks. (JiFish)
  • Fixes for 1.11 and 1.12 mobs and entites. (orphu, JiFish)
  • Custom items, and spawners are now YAML files instead of NBT. (JiFish)
  • Evoker spawners only appear in the hard mode config. (orphu)
  • Circle of skulls has more variety now. (JiFish)
  • Stairwells no longer contain subfloor blocks. (orphu)
  • Parrots appear in Oasis entrances. (orphu)
  • Interactive mode does a better job validating inputs. (orphu)
  • Knowlege books with a random recipe added as loot. You can customise the recipes using recipes.txt. (JiFish)
  • Lucky blocks sample config has been removed due to being very out of date. If you have a replacement or configs for other mods, please let us know!
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v0.17.1 - 02/08/2017

!! NOTE: This version requires Minecraft 1.11.2 release or higher!

!! NOTE: We recommend you regenerate any dungeons generated with 0.17.0 to fix some of the below issues.

  • Fix for issue where a map's existing dungeon / treasure hunts were sometimes not being detected. (MikeyCarter)
  • More fixes for incorrect 1.11 entity and item ids. This will fix some crash during dungeon generation issues and some broken spawners. (JiFish)
  • Fix for Unknown Item when generating some secret shops. (JiFish)
  • Improved dungeon banner generator to give more variations. (JiFish)
  • Add Sweeping Edge enchantment to loot. (JiFish)
  • Add Iron Nuggets to tier 1 loot. (JiFish)
  • Fixed dungeon banners in loot. (JiFish)
  • Fixed sounds for portcullises. (ninmore)
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NOTE: This version requires Minecraft 1.11.0 release or higher!

  • Added 1.11 items, blocks and mobs. (JiFish)
  • Beware! Loot can now be cursed with the new 1.11 enchantments. (JiFish)
  • Added support for coloring custom potions in potions.txt (JiFish)
  • Added configuration options for map item sprite coloring. See mapcolor and paintingcolor in default.cfg (JiFish)
  • Added two new shops to find and updated some old ones with new inventory. (JiFish)
  • Fix flower pots in various locations to have flowers in again. (JiFish) * Various fixes for Minecraft 1.11 (JiFish)
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NOTE: This version requires Minecraft 1.10.2 release or higher!

  • Added 1.10 items and blocks. (JiFish)
  • Added spawners for: Husk and Stray mob variants, Skeletons that fire tipped arrows, and something unusual that might help you! (JiFish)
  • Add use_incomplete_chunks config option. This forces chunk scanning to use chunks that would otherwise be marked as incomplete. (JiFish)
  • Fix for multi_ spawners. (JiFish)
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NOTE: This version requires Minecraft 1.9.2 release or higher!

  • Improved chunk scanning speed on a single core by 70% !!! (orphu)
  • Chunk scanning can now take advantage of multi-core processors. (orphu)
    • OS X and Linux only at the moment I'm afraid.
    • See new --workers option.
  • Added books for the new 1.9 enchantments. (JiFish)
  • Added more 1.9 loot (JiFish)
  • Added YAML exports of dungeon and thunt info. Look in the
    mcdungeon_cache directory. (orphu)
  • Exit portals now use 1.9 gateways. (JiFish)
  • Projectile potion traps are now lingering. (JiFish)
  • Lava floors are more likely to be traversable without needed to
    build. (orphu)
  • Possible fix for dungeon maps and multiple worlds when using --dir.
  • Avoid placing dungeons and treasure hunts on chunks that are not
    completely generated. (orphu)
  • Removed dependency on legacy Overviewer code (orphu)
  • Removed handrail from TripleStairs (orphu)
  • Landmark frames are no longer invulnerable. (orphu)
  • Fixed several issues with maps and dungeons generated prior to
    Minecraft 1.9. (orphu)
  • Fixed issues with 0.15.x dungeons being generated in pre-1.9 chunks.
    This was causing some entities (mods with equipment and villagers) to
    disappear. (orphu)
  • Fixed tipped arrow stacking. (JiFish)
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v0.15.0 for Minecraft 1.9!

NOTE: This version requires Minecraft 1.9.0 release or higher!

NOTE: Due to changes in 1.9, old projectile trap configs may not work. Check default.cfg for details.

  • 1.9 Support! Lots of fixes for 1.9. (various)
  • Added 1.9 items, blocks and enchants. (JiFish)
  • Added genregions command for Worldguard. (sshipway)
  • Dynmap marker plugin now available. (sshipway)
  • Added Jack O'Lanterns and Farmland to default structures list. (JiFish)
  • Added special shield loot item with dungeon's banner. (JiFish)
  • Door materials are now chosen per dungeon. (orphu)
  • Throne rooms now use real carpets. (orphu)
  • Updated potions for 1.9, including allowing lingering potions and tipped arrows in loot tables. (JiFish)
  • Moved example configs to example_configs folder. (JiFish)
  • Corrected Depth Strider enchantment data. (JiFish)
  • Items are now created with string IDs. (JiFish)
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v0.14.2 for Minecraft 1.8! New features in 0.14.2:

  • Typo fixes for Music disc chirp. (denemanow)
  • Fixes for treasure hunt feature (sshipway)
  • Fixes a common crash with secret rooms (KeyError in (orphu)
  • Fixes secret rooms showing through to the level below on maps. (orphu)
  • New MHF_heads as loot (JiFish)
  • New spellbook and magic items (sshipway)
  • Lucky Blocks support (sshipway)
  • Added missing door images to html maps. (JiFish)
  • Adds DUNGEON keyword for html map file names (orphu)
  • Dungeon maps can now appear on the same level they represent. (orphu)
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v0.14.1 for Minecraft 1.8! New features in 0.14.1:

  • Fixed error where treasure room loot wouldn't generate. (JiFish)
  • Treasure hunt chest tier now automatically scales. (sshipway)
  • New rooms: Diamond, Alcove. (orphu)
  • Brother Maynard left something to help with the killer rabbits. (orphu)
  • Traps are now hidden on maps. (orphu)
  • Fixed bad book titles causing "Invalid book tag" errors. (JiFish and orphu)
  • Fixed pyramid exit teleport location. (JiFish)
  • Hall traps and secret rooms no longer show up on maps. (orphu)
  • Added some new paintings and removed some dull paintings. (JiFish)
  • Shops now advertise with 1-3 flyers each. (JiFish)
  • A unique flag design is generated for each dungeon. (JiFish)
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v0.14.0 for Minecraft 1.8! New features in 0.14.0:

  • New online documentation:
  • New command mode: genpoi This will generate Minecraft Overviewer point of interest data for your maps. (sshipway)
  • New command mode: addth This will add a new feature called treasure hunts to the map. A special chest will send you on a scavenger hunt to find a treasure. (sshipway)
  • New option: --quiet suppresses many progress outputs. (sshipway)
  • New Floors: RadialRug, BrokenRadialRug, RadialClay, BrokenRadialClay, StoneTile, and BrokenStoneTile. (huderlem, orphu)
  • New Entrance: Labyrinth (huderlem)
  • New Secret Room: SecretShop. Contains a villager with special custom trades. Trades are also configurable in the shops directory. (JiFish, thanks to chilm, Palegothicangel, The_Geef)
  • Removed "-1" option for levels in interactive mode. Just use a range instead. (orphu)
  • Removed arrow trap, portcullis, piston trap, and dispenser trap settings from configs. All of this is now controlled with new [hall traps] section. (orphu)
  • Projectile traps are now more compact, cannot be looted, and never run out of ammo. (orphu)
  • Piston hall traps are now more compact and can be longer. (orphu)
  • Working portcullises in halls. (orphu)
  • Portcullises can now be made of cobblestone wall. (orphu)
  • Added editions to books. Most books will be late editions and cannot be copied. (JiFish)
  • Potion effects and particles can now be hidden in potions.txt. (JiFish)
  • Text formatting is now possible in books and lore text. (JiFish)
  • Forges now have a loot table and can contain global items. (orphu)
  • Books and paintings can appear in studies. (JiFish)
  • Hallways use new door types. (JiFish)
  • Additional columns in throne rooms. (orphu)
  • Pyramids use red sandstone in mesa biomes. (JiFish)
  • Fancied up Barrows with corpses. (orphu)
  • Added many 1.8 items and materials (various)
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v0.13.0 for Minecraft 1.7! New features in 0.13.x:

  • New Feature: WildGrowth (JiFish)
  • New entrance variations for Mesa and Ice Spike biomes. (orphu)
  • River and ocean biome exclusions are now configurable. (orphu) See default.cfg for details.
  • Interactive mode will now prompt for max_dist value to help avoid confusion for new users. (JiFish)
  • Progress now reports how many dungeons have been placed. (orphu)
  • Changed config layout to make distributing themed configs easier. (JiFish)
  • Improved carpets in chapels. (JiFish)
  • Added more paintings. (JiFish)
  • Updated existing paintings to use expanded map palette. (JiFish)
  • Added 1.7 materials to various dungeon features (JiFish, orphu)
  • Added 1.7 fishing pole enchantments. (orphu)
  • Lowered the default silverfish concentration since explosions now trigger silverfish to spawn. (orphu)
  • Moved blocks out of items.txt to materials.cfg. This allows more control over how blocks are used in the dungeons without requiring code changes. (orphu)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dungeon placer to give up early when placing multiple dungeons of a fixed depth. (orphu)