An Active MQ provider for JMS Test Util
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JMS Test Util: Active MQ provider


This is an Active MQ provider for JMS Test Util

Build Status

Build Status: Linux Build Status


This is only required if you want to compile the project. There are Maven dependencies available for daily usage. check the usage section for details.

To download the project you can use:

git clone -b

You can use Maven to build the project. No additional configuration or setup should* be required. To compile and installgi the project, please run:

mvn clean install

The build system will generate deliverables in zip, tar.bz2, tar.gz format. Project specific jars will also be generated.

Note: no additional configuration should be required, however if the host system has any service running on port 61616 (such as ActiveMQ), it may be necessary to change the TestConfiguration class. It is located in the test package. The following line should be modified:

public static final String CONNECTOR = "tcp://localhost:61616";



To use this project as library on your project you have to add my personal bintray repository to the pom.xml file:


Then, the library can be referenced as:


Note: replace version with the latest available version you wish to use.

API Documentation:


The API documentation (javadoc) is available here.


Annotate the test class with:

        value = ActiveMqProvider.class,
        configuration = ActiveMqConfiguration.class)