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MathJax Plugin for Github (Chrome extesion)

This extension adds support for displaying LaTeX equations in GitHub repositories, rendering them with the open source MathJax library. For example, if you had it install you would see the following lovely equation: $e^{i \pi} + 1 = 0$

Right-Click on an equation to show MathJax's context menu with additional options, e.g. "Scale All Math..." to instantly scale all equations on a page, "TeX commands" to see the source TeX equation etc.

The extension is published under New BSD License with the source code available here. This extension is based on the wonderful wiki_mathjax extension by Boris Gromov, and its license is included as part of in this repository.

For bug reports and feature requests, please use Issue tracker.


Official release available at Chrome Web Store.


Chrome extension for rendering LaTeX equations in GitHub with MathJax



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