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Generate awesome list over Github API


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Generate awesome list for any language over Github search API.

Generated awesome lists: generated-awesomeness.


Download binary for latest release or install from source:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/orsinium/awesome-generator


Generate awesome list for language:

go run awesome.go -l python >

Generate awesome list for topic:

go run awesome.go -t docker >

If you're download binary release then use it instead of go run awesome.go:

./linux-amd64.bin -t docker >

Advanced usage

Save projects to JSON:

go run awesome.go -l python --json > python.json

Generate awesome list from JSON:

cat python.json | go run awesome.go >

Command line arguments

  • -l -- language. go run awesome.go -l python
  • -t -- topic. go run awesome.go -t docker
  • --json -- dump projects to json. go run awesome.go -l python --json
  • --pages -- count of pages (default 10). go run awesome.go -l python --pages 5
  • --min -- minimum projects into one section (default 2). go run awesome.go -l python --min 3