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Report redundant comments in python code.

An example of a bad comment:

# create user

In this example, the comment gives even less information that the code itself. So, you can safely remove the comment without losing any information. The goal is to reduce the information redundancy, leaving in the code only what is actually important and helpful.


python3 -m pip install flake8-comments


Check that plugin was added in your flake8:

$ python3 -m flake8 --version
3.7.7 (flake8-comments: 0.1.0, mccabe: 0.6.1, pycodestyle: 2.5.0, pyflakes: 2.1.1) CPython 3.6.7 on Linux

If you don't see flake8-comments in the previous command output, check that flake8 and flake8-comments is installed in the same interpreter.

If everything is OK, run flake8:

python -m flake8

Similar projects

There are a few more good flake8 plugins targeted on cleaning up comments: