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Plugin for flake8 linter to check TODOs in the project.


# TODO(gram): check performance


# FIXME idk how it works lol


  • T001: use TODO instead of FIXME (or BUG) for consistency.
  • T002: add author into TODO (motivation).
  • T003: add link on issue into TODO.
  • T004: missed colon in TODO.
  • T005: missed text in TODO.
  • T006: write TODO instead of ToDo (use upper case).
  • T007: missed space after colon in TODO.


python3 -m pip install --user flake8-todos


Check that plugin was added in your flake8:

$ python3 -m flake8 --version
3.7.7 (flake8-todos: 1.0.0, mccabe: 0.6.1, pycodestyle: 2.5.0, pyflakes: 2.1.1) CPython 3.6.7 on Linux

If you don't see flake8-todos in the previous command output, check that flake8 and flake8-todos is installed in the same interpreter.

If everything is OK, run flake8:

python -m flake8


  • The content of this repository contains a public fork of flake8-todos developed by EclecticIQ B.V.. Release 0.1.2 of the package was licensed under BSD 3-Clause License. File LICENSE contains the original license file.
  • The fork is distributed under the same license and conditions.
  • Release 0.1.2, all earlier releases, and corresponding source code are licensed under copyright "2019 EclecticIQ".
  • All the later changes and distributions starting from 0.1.4 inclusively are licensed under copyright "2020 Gram".
  • Both copyrights are included in releases of the fork since it contains changes from both parties.

The fork was created to provide source code, distributions, and maintenance for the project.