Basic hardware requirements for using HappyBrackets

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The list below covers the basic equipment you'll need if you are planning to use HappyBrackets to run code on a Raspberry Pi.

If you are completing the Kadenze course you will need to purchase the hardware below to be able to complete sessions 4 through 10.

Required for Session 1-10

Required for Session 4-10

  • A Raspberry Pi version 2 or 3. The version 3 is the version you will receive currently (Jan 2016) and has wifi builtin. If you are using an older version 2 device you will also need to provide a wifi dongle. You can also use either version with ethernet cables instead of wifi.

  • A micro SD with at least 8GB. Your Raspberry Pi needs a micro-SD to contain its operating system. Most Raspberry Pis sold these days will come with an SD card containing 'NOOBS', but if you haven't got one you'll need to obtain one.

  • A WiFi router (normal domestic home WiFi router is fine). You'll probably need a wifi router that you can control.

  • An ethernet cable may be required to connect your Pi to your WiFi router when you first set up your Pi.

  • An audio output device. A powered speaker, headphones, stereo with appropriate mini jack input cable, or other means of listening to your Pi minijack audio output. You can use a fixed device (such as a stereo), but when you are using sensors you may wish to use a portable device, so you can expore the sensor's motion sensing capabilities.

  • A Raspberry Pi SenseHat sensor This is required for sensor input to the raspberry pi. Other sensors can be used, but at this stage there is limited support. The Sensehat sensor provides acceleration, rotation, compass, humidity, temperature, and pressure.

Note: You can extend to two or more Raspberry Pis easily.

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