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Use your keyboard in the iOS simulator with a blocks based API
Objective-C Ruby
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Use your keyboard in the iOS simulator with a pleasant API.

Set this to be the default UIApplication class in your main.m - when you use your app within the simulator you will have the ability to perform actions when you use the keyboard without the need for a textfield.

To use a custom UIApplication subclass you need to change the third argument to the main method to be this ORKeyboardReactingApplication. You can reliably leave that in for release as any non-simulator builds will only compile to an empty UIApplication subclass.

 int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    @autoreleasepool {
        return UIApplicationMain(argc, argv,
            NSStringFromClass([ORKeyboardReactingApplication class]),
            NSStringFromClass([ORAppDelegate class]));

Then in your application:

  // Block syntax
  [ORKeyboardReactingApplication registerForCallbackOnKeyDown:@"a" :^{
      NSLog(@"Hey there 'a' - how're you doing?");
  // Target-Action syntax  
  [ORKeyboardReactingApplication registerForSelectorOnKeyDown:@"d" target:self action:@selector(switchDColours)];

And you're done.

####Todo list Would love PRs with these features

  • Find a way to do key up instead of on key down.
  • Allow the API to have repeating vs non-repeating calls
  • Allow a range of inputs like 0-9
  • Using shift = capital version
  • Support for command / alt
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