Swap around your iOS Simulator Documents


Musical Chairs

A gem for swapping iOS simulator states. Saves all the documents, library and cache for the most recently used iOS app into the current folder with a named version. Commands are modeled after git. There's a writeup on the motivations for this: artsy.github.com


gem install chairs

The first time you run it, chairs will ask you to add "chairs/" to your .gitignore file if you have one, you should accept this, it gets big fast.


Run chairs from the root folder of your project.

    chairs pull [name]        get documents and support files from latest built app and store as name.
    chairs push [name]        overwrite documents and support files from the latest build in Xcode.
    chairs rm   [name]        delete the files for the chair.
    chairs open               open the current app folder in Finder.
    chairs list               list all the current docs in working directory.
    chairs sync               takes the app from the *currently open* sim, and send it to all other sims.


You can open a new issue. I'm usually very responsive to changes.

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See the LICENSE.txt file included in the distribution.


Copyright (c) 2014 Orta Therox & Art.sy