ORTC (Object RTC) C++ Library wrapper for WebRTC
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ORTC (Object RTC) iOS / Android C++ Library for WebRTC

Introduction: http://www.slideshare.net/ErikLagerway/ortc-lib-introduction

This SDK library implementation of the ORTC specification that will enable mobile end points to talk to a WebRTC enabled browser.

The source code is available under a FreeBSD style license: https://github.com/openpeer/ortclib/blob/master/license.txt

This code is under heavy development and written mostly in C++. Mobile wrappers for Objective-C are currently underway, Java Android will follow.

From your terminal, please clone the "opios" git repository: git clone --recursive https://github.com/openpeer/ortc-lib.git

This repository will yield the ORTC Lib and dependency libraries.

Directory structure:

  • ortc-lib/ contains the project files for building the ORTC Lib framework
  • ortc-lib/ortc/ contains the ORTC Lib header files
  • ortc-lib/ortc/cpp/ contains the C++ files
  • ortc-lib/ortc/internal/ contains the internal interface implementation

How to Build:

  1. Build boost, from your terminal:

pushd ortc-lib/libs/boost/

2) Build curl, from your terminal:

pushd ortc-lib/libs/curl-build-scripts/

Note : - If building curl on your system fails for some architectures, you may need to explicitly specify the correct versions of OS X SDK and iOS SDK, to match the actual SDK versions available with the installed version of XCode. Please, check the details on command-line parameters of build_curl (you can get them with "build_curl --help").
3) From X-code, load:
  • ortc-lib/projects/xcode/ortclib.xcworkspace (workspace)
  • orct-lib/projects/xcode/ortclib/ortclib.xcodeproj (project)
  • orct-lib/projects/xcode/ortclib_ios/ortclib_ios.xcodeproj (project)


  1. ortc-lib and its dependendent submodules can be built using the script "buildall_android.sh". commands from parent directort "ortc-lib" is:

cd ./projects/android

Notes :

  • NDK absolute path for "android-ndk-r8e" is required for build.
  • After successful build, submodule built libs can be found at : ./libs/build/android directory
  • ortc-lib library and ortclibtest shared lib can be found at : ./ortc/build/android and ./ortc/build/android-test directories resp.
  1. For building individual modules use module script. For example boost : ./libs/boost/projects/build_boost_android.sh

cd ./libs/boost/projects

Note :

  • NDK absolute path for "android-ndk-r8e" is required for build.

known Issues in android build :

  • Linking webrtc libraries while building ortclib test shared libary.

For more information on ORTC, please visit: http://ortc.org/

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