C# / C++ ORTC Lib SDK for UWP, iOS, and Android
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From your terminal, please clone the "ortclib-sdk" git repository: git clone --recursive https://github.com/ortclib/ortclib-sdk.git

This repository will yield the ORTC Lib SDK and dependency libraries.

Directory structure:

  • ortc-lib-sdk\bin contains scripts for preparing an environment for Windows
  • ortc-lib-sdk\common contains samples applications that can use Ortc and WebRtc libraries. Currently it is only the case for PeerCC sample
  • ortc-lib-sdk\ortc contains code of Ortc and dependency libraries
  • ortc-lib-sdk\webrtc contains code of WebRtc and dependency libraries
  • ortc-lib-sdk\docs contains documentation

How to Build:


1) Run prepare script, from your terminal:

cd ortclib-sdk

This script will prepare environment but it won't build webrtc projects. In this case webrtc project will be built from Visual Studio once you try to build Org.Ortc or Org.WebRtc.

2) From VS2015, load ortc\windows\solutions\Ortc.sln for Ortc or webrtc\windows\solutions\WebRtc.sln for WebRtc development.

3) Now you can build winrt libraries for Ortc or WebRtc and deploy sample apps ChatterBox (WebRtc only) and PeerCC.