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#RAPP Tutorials in C++

Content Subfolder Direct Access
Getting Started Getting Started
Platform information Platform information
Callbacks Callbacks
Cloud calls Cloud calls
Batch Batch
Class reactor Class reactor
Vision Vision
Face detection Face detection
Human detection Human detection
Qr recognition Qr recognition
Object recognition Object recognition
Speech Speech
Set noise Set noise
Speech recognition Google Speech recognition with Google
Speech recognition Sphinx4 Speech recognition with Sphinx4
Text to speech Text to speech
Aldebaran NAO Aldebaran NAO
CMake CMake
Helloworld Helloworld
Helloworld static Helloworld static
Face detection Face detection
Say Available Services Say available services
Qibuild qibuild
Helloworld Helloworld
Face detection Face detection
Navigation Navigation
Creating a map Creating a map
Uploading a map Uploading a map
Mapping with SLAM Mapping with SLAM
Path planning 2D Path planning 2D