Ansible package library for slapt-get (for multi-source package installations on Slack via Ansible)
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slapt-get module for Ansible

What up, Slackers. I made this module for slapt-get package deployments using Ansible. My usual MO is to set up slapt-get to point at a custom (local) package repo AND at and official repo. This way I can distribute packages to my servers that take precedence over official packages, but can use the official packages if there's no custom one.

Works beautifully.

However, Ansible doesn't ship with a slapt-get module. So here it is! My hope is to eventually get this included with Ansible so Slack becomes an easy deployment target.


You can either put the slapt-get file in /usr/share/ansible/packaging/ or you can put it in a custom folder and point ansible to it via -M:

ansible www -M ./ansible-slapt-get -m slapt-get -a 'pkg=nginx state=present'

This module supports ansible's -C option (check only, don't make changes).


pkg (optional)

Name of the package(s) to operate on. Can be comma-separated.

state (optional, default="present")

The state of the package. Possible values: absent present latest

update (optional)

Whether or not to update the package sources (slapt-get --update) before running the operation. Can be used standalone:

ansible www -m slapt-get -a 'update=yes'


GPL v3