Nagios script for checking elasticsearch sluter status
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Nagios check script for elasticsearch

This is a simple script to check the status of an elasticsearch cluster. It now supports elasticsearch 5.0 with or without x-pack authentication.


./check_elasticsearch -H -P 9200 -o /tmp [ -a ] [ -u <username> -p <password> ] 

This will output the standard Nagios format:

OK - elasticsearch (elasticsearch) is running. status: green; timed_out: false; number_of_nodes: 1; number_of_data_nodes: 1; active_primary_shards: 2; active_shards: 2; relocating_shards: 0; initializing_shards: 0; unassigned_shards: 0  | 'active_primary'=2 'active'=2 'relocating'=0 'init'=0

OK / WARNING / CRITICAL correspond to the status being "green", "yellow", or "red" respectively.

If you have a Graphite server you can send data to it via:

./check_elasticsearch -H -P 9200 -c -C 2003

This will output data to the following metric prefix:


Removed reference to Chef cookbook since this fork won't support it.

Script is a modified version of check_phpfpm by MAB.