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(in-package :cl-async)
(define-condition dns-error (connection-error) ()
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "Connection DNS error: ~a, ~a" (conn-errcode c) (conn-errmsg c))))
(:documentation "Passed to a failure callback when a DNS error occurs on a connection."))
(defparameter *ip-scanner*
:case-insensitive-mode t)
"Scanner that detects if a string is an IP.")
(defun ip-address-p (host)
"Determine if the given host is an IP or a hostname."
(cl-ppcre:scan *ip-scanner* host))
(defun get-dns-base ()
"Grabs the current DNS base (or instantiates if it doesn't exist) and also
tracks how many open DNS base queries there are."
(prog1 (if *dns-base*
(let ((dns-base (le:evdns-base-new *event-base* 1)))
(setf *dns-ref-count* 0
*dns-base* dns-base)))
(incf *dns-ref-count*)))
(defun release-dns-base ()
"Decrements the DNS base reference counter. If there are no more references,
frees the DNS base."
(decf *dns-ref-count*)
(when (<= *dns-ref-count* 0)
(setf *dns-ref-count* 0)
(free-dns-base *dns-base*)))
(defun free-dns-base (dns-base)
"Free a dns base."
(when dns-base
(unless (cffi:null-pointer-p dns-base)
(le:evdns-base-free dns-base 0)
(free-pointer-data dns-base))))
(defun ipv4-str-to-sockaddr (address port)
"Convert a string IP address and port into a sockaddr-in struct."
(let ((sockaddr (cffi:foreign-alloc (le::cffi-type le::sockaddr-in))))
;; fill it full of holes.
(cffi:foreign-funcall "memset" :pointer sockaddr :unsigned-char 0 :unsigned-char +sockaddr-size+)
(setf (le-a:sockaddr-in-sin-family sockaddr) le:+af-inet+
(le-a:sockaddr-in-sin-port sockaddr) (cffi:foreign-funcall "htons" :int port :unsigned-short)
(le-a:sockaddr-in-sin-addr sockaddr) (if address
(cffi:foreign-funcall "inet_addr" :string address :unsigned-long)
(cffi:foreign-funcall "htonl" :unsigned-long 0 :unsigned-long)))
(defmacro with-ipv4-to-sockaddr ((bind address port) &body body)
"Wraps around ipv4-str-to-sockaddr. Converts a string address and port and
creates a sockaddr-in object, runs the body with it bound, and frees it."
`(let ((,bind (ipv4-str-to-sockaddr ,address ,port)))
(progn ,@body)
(cffi:foreign-free ,bind))))
(cffi:defcallback dns-cb :void ((errcode :int) (addrinfo :pointer) (data-pointer :pointer))
"Callback for DNS lookups."
(let* ((callbacks (get-callbacks data-pointer))
(resolve-cb (getf callbacks :resolve-cb))
(event-cb (getf callbacks :event-cb)))
(catch-app-errors event-cb
(if (not (zerop errcode))
;; DNS call failed, get error
(funcall event-cb (make-instance 'dns-error :code errcode :msg (le:evutil-gai-strerror errcode)))
;; success, pull out address
(let ((family (le-a:evutil-addrinfo-ai-family addrinfo))
(addr nil))
((eq family le:+af-inet+)
(cffi:with-foreign-object (buf :unsigned-char 128)
(let ((ai-addr (le-a:evutil-addrinfo-ai-addr addrinfo)))
(unless (cffi:null-pointer-p ai-addr)
(let ((sin-addr (le-a:sockaddr-in-sin-addr ai-addr)))
(cffi:with-foreign-object (addr-pt :unsigned-long 1)
(setf (cffi:mem-aref addr-pt :unsigned-long 0) sin-addr)
(setf addr (le:evutil-inet-ntop family addr-pt buf 128))))))))
;; probably ipv6, not supported ATM
(if addr
;; got an address, call resolve-cb
(funcall resolve-cb addr family)
;; hmm, didn't get an address. either cam back as ipv6 or
;; there was some horrible, horrible error.
(funcall event-cb (make-instance 'dns-error :code -1 :msg (format nil "Error pulling out address from family: ~a" family))))
;; clean up
(unless (cffi:null-pointer-p addrinfo)
(le:evutil-freeaddrinfo addrinfo)))))
(free-pointer-data data-pointer)
(defun dns-lookup (host resolve-cb event-cb)
"Asynchronously lookup a DNS address. Note that if an IP address is passed,
the lookup happens synchronously. If a lookup is synchronous (and instant)
this returns T, otherwise nil (lookup happening in background). Either way
the resolve-cb is called with the lookup info (so always assume this is
(let ((data-pointer (create-data-pointer))
(dns-base (get-dns-base)))
(make-foreign-type (hints (le::cffi-type le::evutil-addrinfo) :initial #x0 :type-size +evutil-addrinfo-size+)
(('le::ai-family le:+af-inet+) ;; only want ipv4 for now
('le::ai-flags le:+evutil-ai-canonname+)
('le::ai-socktype le:+sock-stream+)
('le::ai-protocol le:+ipproto-tcp+))
(save-callbacks data-pointer (list :resolve-cb resolve-cb :event-cb event-cb))
(attach-data-to-pointer data-pointer dns-base)
(let ((dns-req (le:evdns-getaddrinfo dns-base host (cffi:null-pointer) hints (cffi:callback dns-cb) data-pointer)))
(cffi:null-pointer-p dns-req)))))
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