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This is a common lisp client for Redis. So far tested in clisp/ClozureCL on
windows/linux, but will probably work in any good CL implementation. It has
connection pooling so should be thread-safe by default. I have tested this,
but only in a limited fashion.

It implements redis' somewhat new universal syntax, so commands can be sent
and more importantly parsed automatically without telling it what to expect or
send for each specific command.

Some things to improve are possibly the efficiency of the data transfer
stuff. Also, error handling is pretty much nil, and needs some attention.

This is a great, simple client that you can get started with really easily.
Also, feel free to send any improvements my way.

Put redis-client/ into your asdf system folder. Then do

    (asdf:operate #'asdf:load-op :redis-client)


    (ql:quickload :redis-client)

Now you can do things like:

    (rc:r-set "mykey" "myval")
    (rc:r-get "mykey")

...etc. Please note that not all redis commands are implemented, but there is a
generic command that allows you to send any command to redis and get any
valid response. For instance:

    (rc:cmd :cmd '(set "mykey" "omglolwtf"))
    (rc:cmd :cmd '(get "mykey"))

Specifying host/port:

    (rc:r-set "my-friends" 1 :host "" :port 6377)
    (rc:r-decr "my-friends" :host "" :port 6377)

You can define commands with a more terse syntax using the defcmd macro, which
prefixes your commands with rc:*command-prefix* (defaults to "r-") to avoid
name clashes with CL. defcmd will create the function in whatever package you're
currently in, not the redis-client package. If you want to add commands to the
redis-client package, open redis-client/commands.lisp and add them ;).

    (rc:defcmd set key val)        ; already defined in commands.lisp
    (r-set "mykey" "myval")

Changing the command prefix for (defcmd):

    (setf rc:*command-prefix* "lol-")
    (defcmd set key val)
    (lol-set "mygoat" "hurts")

You can set the connection timeout for your connections to match the redis
"timeout" parameter. If a connection goes this many seconds without being used,
it will be removed from the connection pool.

    (setf rc:*connection-timeout* 300)

I probably forgot to mention a few things, but let me know if something doesn't
make sense and I'll document it. Keep in mind this is in alpha at the moment, so
expect more fixes as I use this client in more projects.