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"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it." Lord Kelvin

"The idea is to to be approximately right than be exactly wrong." Ed Tufte


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This project aims to build a web application that will aid ortho surgeons to update data on implants used in joint replacement surgeries. This is done in several countries through a registry. However, in many other countries such a registry is missing. And the ones that exist are closed and the data from them is not readily available for public consumption. The goal of this project is to also involve patients actively in the data submission process, especially related to outcome studies. The project does not intend to replace a well functioning registry.

For Developers

Fork the project and contribute!!

Follow these guides:

  1. Ruby Style Guide
  2. Rails Style Guide
  3. Rails Best Practices
  4. Better Specs
  5. Source Making
  6. Code Guide
  7. Github Guide
  8. Inspired EHR

The project relies on a postgresql database for persisting data. You'll have to set up one your machine. Rename the database.example.yml to database.yml and fill with your credentials to get started.

Task list (Apr 7, 2014)

  1. User registration, login, logout
  2. Creating designations(default hospital or place of work)
  3. Team formation
  4. Member actions like activating, deactivating done
  5. Inviting members by email
  6. Patient biodata and surgery forms
  7. Implant details from stickers
  8. Uploading images
  9. Outcome scores
  10. Patient search
  11. Dashboard
  12. Patient communication
  13. Patient Consent form
  14. Patient Identification


The code in this repository is covered by the GPL v3 license. The content is available in LICENSE.txt.

(c) Biswajit Dutta Baruah 2014.

This application was generated with the Rails apps composer gem provided by the RailsApps Project


Web app to help ortho surgeons collect data on implants used in joint replacement surgeries




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