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Bamazon CLI App

An application to simulate a server that provides a customer shopping cart, inventory manager, and stock supervisor application

If running this application on a local machine, please be sure to <npm install> before running the application.

Customer CLI

The CLI that faces the customers is a straightforward application that prompts the customer to choose from the available products with an ID, then enter a quantity to purchase.

Below is the view the customer will see upon running the application:

Customer Login Output

Successful Orders

Below is a view of a successful order being placed, which will update the table on the server:

Successful Order

Failed Orders

If the customer inputs an invalid quantity, the table will not be updated, the customer will be alerted to insufficient quantity, and will be prompted to re-enter a valid quantity:

Failed Quantity

After entering a valid quantity, they will see the success screen as before:

Successful Order after Fail

Manager CLI

The CLI that works from the same local server provides added functionality for a product manager to manage and view the products for sale, the stock for each product, as well as track the sales for each product.

Upon login, the manager CLI will display the following:

Manager Login

View Products for Sale

Choosing the View Products for sale option will display product information:

Products for Sale View

View Low Inventory

Choosing View Low Inventory will display products that are below a specified threshold (in this case a stock of 5):

Low Inventory View

Add to Inventory

Choosing Add to Inventory will prompt the manager to choose a product to increase stock to, then display the updated value:

Add to Inventory

Add New Product

Upon choosing Add New Product the manager will see below after entering a name for the product. This list is pulled from the server's master list of departments:

Add New Product List

After choosing a department to add the product to, they can specify the price per product and the stock they have:

Successful Product Added

Supervisor CLI

The CLI for supervisors allow for a higher-level view of the overall product sales. This would be useful for sales department heads looking to get more information about profit margins and sales performance.

Upon login, the supervisor view displays:

Supervisor Login

Sales View

The sales view provides a table of the current departments in the store, the department_id, and the overhead costs of the department, as well as the total profits, automatically generated on the fly from the current products database status.

Sales View

Adding a Department

Supervisors are also able to add departments to the store, if they wish. Provided below is a sample of the prompts that the supervisor would go through to add a department to the store, which also adds it to the list of tracking departments in the departments and products tables. In essence, this means that after a supervisor creates a new department, managers would immediately be able to add products to populate those departments.

Add a department view

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