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CFML supports native JSON support via several key functions and some member functions.

Core Functions

The core functions that deal with JSON are:

Function Description



[ , strictMapping ]

[ , useCustomSerializer ]


Converts a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) string data representation into CFML data, such as a struct or array. Only the 'json' argument is required.
isJson( var ) Evaluates whether a string is in valid JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data interchange format.



[ , serializeQueryByColumns ]

[ , useSecureJSONPrefix ]

[ , useCustomSerializer ]


Converts CFML data into a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) representation of the data. Only the 'data' argument is required.
Here are some examples for you:
if( isJson( mydata ) ){
    return deserializeJSON( data );

serializeJSON( myQuery, true );
serializeJSON( myData );

person = deserializeJSON( '{"company":"Ortus","name":"Mr OrtusMan"}' );
writeOutput( );

Member Functions

You can call the deserializeJSON() from any string literal:

var deserializedData = myjsonString.deserializeJson();
var data = '[]'.deserializeJson();
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