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Asynchronous Annotations

We have also extended the interceptor registration process so you can annotate interception points to denote threading. You will do so with the following two annotations:

Argument Type Required Default Value Description
async none false false If the annotation exists, then ColdBox will execute the interception point in a separate thread only if not in a thread already.
asyncPriority string : low,normal,high false normal The thread priority that will be sent to each cfthread call that is made by the system.

This allows you the flexibility to determine in code which points are threaded, which is a great way to use for emails, logging, etc.

function preProcess( event, interceptData ) async asyncPriority="low"{
    // Log current request information"Executing request: #event.getCurrentEvent()#", getHTTPRequestData() );    

So if you have 3 interceptors in a chain and only 1 of them is threaded, then the 2 will execute in order while the third one in the background. Overall, your processing power and choices have now grown.

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