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The core conventions delineate the contract between ColdBox and you for file/directory locations and more. Below is a table of the core conventions:

Directory/File Conventions

  • config/Coldbox.cfc - Your application configuration object (optional )
  • config/Router.cfc - Your application URL Router (optional )
  • config/CacheBox.cfc - Your application CacheBox configuration (optional )
  • config/WireBox.cfc - Your application WireBox Configuration (optional )
  • handlers - This holds the app's event handlers (controller layer)
  • layouts - Your HTML layouts (view layer)
  • models - This holds your app's CFCs (model layer)
  • modules - This holds the CommandBox tracked modules
  • modules_app - This holds your app's modules
  • views - Your HTML views will go here (view layer)

Execution Conventions

ColdBox also has several execution conventions. This means that we have a convention or a default for the event, action and layout to be used if you do not tell it what to use:

Convention Default Value Description
Default Event main.index The default event to execute when no event is specified
Default Action index() The default action to execute in an event handler controller if none is specified
Default Layout layouts/Main.cfm The default system layout to use