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  • Major upgrade to ColdBox Elixir. No longer mirroring Laravel Elixir.
  • All compilation is done through Webpack instead of Gulp.
  • Removed the following methods:
    • mix.less
    • mix.stylus,
    • mix.scripts
    • mix.scriptsIn
    • mix.webpack
    • mix.browserify,
    • mix.rollup
    • mix.version
    • mix.exec
    • mix.task
  • The entire Elixir configuration object has changed. See Configuration Options for details.
  • PostCSS support is now automatic if a postcss.config.js file is found in the project root.
  • The elixir and elixirPath helper functions in ColdBox 5.0.0 and earlier are incompatible with ColdBox Elixir 3.0.0. Please see the Versioning docs for updated helper functions.



  • Travis Support
  • BDD via TestBox fixes
  • Updated all dependencies to latest versions
  • Gulp tasks for compilation, tests and watchers
  • Test App additions for testing direct gulp integrations
  • If not tasks defined in the user's gulpfile, just a message is shown instead of an exception
  • Removed coffeescript support, no longer needed
  • Added new config map for appPaths to support all ColdBox conventions
  • Vueify core support view browserify for Vue.js components
  • Included a new template folder which helps setting up new elixir based projects


  • Initial Port to ColdBox