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Versioning Cache Busting

Many developers suffix their compiled assets with a timestamp or unique token to force browsers to load the fresh assets instead of serving stale copies of the code. Elixir can handle this for you using the version method.

The version method accepts a file name relative to the includes directory, and will append a unique hash to the filename, allowing for cache-busting. For example, the generated file name will look something like: all-16d570a7.css:

elixir( function( mix ){
    mix.version( 'css/all.css' );
} );

Versioning Multiple Files

You may pass an array to the version method to version multiple files:

elixir( function( mix ){
    mix.version( [ 'css/all.css', 'js/app.js' ] );
} );

Custom Output Directory

By default the version task will create a build folder in your includes folder that will contain a revision json file and the versioned assets according to js or css type. You can change the destination using the second argument:

elixir( function( mix ){
    mix.version( [ 'css/all.css', 'js/app.js' ], "includes/versioned" );
} );