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TestBox comes also with a nice plethora of reporters:

  • ANTJunit : A specific variant of JUnit XML that works with the ANT junitreport task
  • Codexwiki : Produces MediaWiki syntax for usage in Codex Wiki
  • Console : Sends report to console
  • Doc : Builds semantic HTML to produce nice documentation
  • Dot : Builds an awesome dot report
  • JSON : Builds a report into JSON
  • JUnit : Builds a JUnit compliant report
  • Raw : Returns the raw structure representation of the testing results
  • Simple : A basic HTML reporter
  • Text : Back to the 80's with an awesome text report
  • XML : Builds yet another XML testing report
  • Tap : A test anything protocol reporter
  • Min : A minimalistic view of your test reports

However, you can also build custom reporters very easily.