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Component Annotations

A part from using the configuration binder, you can also leverage component annotations to dictate behavior on the object.

Annotation Type Description
autowire boolean All objects are marked as autowire=true, so if you want to disable autowiring, you can add this annotation as false. You do NOT need to add this annotation if you want to autowire it, it is redundant if you do.
alias string A list of aliased names you can attach to a CFC instance apart from its Component name. This is great when using the mapDirectory() binder function.
eagerInit none All objects are lazy loaded unless they are marked with this annotation or marked as eager init in the binder configuration.
threadSafe none or boolean Determines the locking construction of the object for its wiring of dependencies. Please see our Object Persistence & Thread Safety Section.
scope string A valid WireBox scope or a custom registered scope. Remember that ALL components by default are placed in the NO SCOPE scope. This means they are considered transient objects.
singleton none Marks a component as a singleton object.
cachebox string Marks a component to be stored in CacheBox. The value of this annotation should be a valid registered CacheBox cache provider. The default cache provider is called default
cache boolean Marks a component to be cached in CacheBox in the default provider.
cacheTimeout numeric The timeout in minutes when the object is stored in the CacheBox provider
cacheLastAccessTimeout numeric The timeout in minutes when the object is stored in the CacheBox provider
mixins list A list of UDF templates to mixin into the object