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Installing WireBox

WireBox can be downloaded as a standalone framework or it is included with the latest ColdBox Platform release, so no need to install it if you are within a ColdBox application.

{% hint style="info" %} The best way to install WireBox is using CommandBox CLI and package manager. {% endhint %}

System Requirements

  • Adobe ColdFusion 11+
  • Lucee 4.5+

CommandBox Installation

You can leverage CommandBox to install the standalone version of WireBox with a simple command:

# Latest Version
box install wirebox

# Bleeding Edge
box install wirebox@be

This will install Wirebox as a dependency in your application into a folder called wirebox. You can then leverage the standalone namespace within your application: wirebox.system.ioc.

Manual Download

You can download the latest version of WireBox from Place in your webroot or create a /wirebox mapping in your system.


Standalone Namespace


ColdBox Namespace