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Update RestrpcGrailsPlugin.groovy

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commit 8def6d477d62b4f4e8a93a5ce0ab9a88fd246d27 1 parent e256590
@orubel authored
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  1. +1 −1  RestrpcGrailsPlugin.groovy
2  RestrpcGrailsPlugin.groovy
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ class RestrpcGrailsPlugin {
// TODO Fill in these fields
def title = "Restrpc Plugin" // Headline display name of the plugin
def author = "Owen Rubel"
- def authorEmail = ""
+ def authorEmail = ""
def description = '''\
REST interceptor extending the REST API allowing for ONE-TO-MANY pairing between request method and controller functions (vs traditional ONE-TO-ONE). This allows so that more than 4 methods per class can be called RESTfuly while still complying with the REST standard.
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