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Build the trinity of srcexpl, taglist, NERD_tree to be a good IDE
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This is a mirror of


This small plugin is just an IDE manager to control the three plugins open and close, and build them into a great IDE which works like the Source Insignt.
I will just update trinity.vim file only since V1.3 and above.


1\ Automatic Display of Declarations in the Context Window on the bottom in the (G)VIM window using the script named 'Source Explorer(srcexpl.vim)' :

2\ Symbol Windows For Each File on the left in the (G)VIM window (G)VIM using the script named 'taglist.vim':

3\ Quick Access to All Files on the right in the (G)VIM window using the script named 'The NERD tree(NERD_tree.vim)':

4\ You can change various options of each plugin in trinity.vim according to you request.


In order to build such an IDE that implement the main functions(function list, definition and context explorer, file brower), I had modified the source code of ' 2.13.0'. You would note the tag named 'CHE Wenlong delete/add  for trinity.vim' in the NERD_tree.vim.

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