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This program is an Html generator for Common Lisp.

Why another one?

I want programmatically generate and process Html. In particular I want to

  • Store Html in variables
  • Use Html as a function argument
  • Use Html as a function return value

To achieve this, we transform symbolic expressions into lists of tag structures. The method print-html then prints its input as properly escaped Html.


We only use common-lisp.

(defpackage print-html
  (:use :common-lisp)
  (:export :render :print-html :print-html-to-string :html :unsafe))

(in-package :print-html)

Self closing tags

(defvar *self-closing-tags*
  (list :area :base :br :col :command :embed :frame :hr :img :input :keygen
	:link :menuitem :meta :param :source :track :wbr)
  "List of self closing tags.")


The RENDER method is called by PRINT-HTML to map an object into something that PRINT-HTML is specialized for. By default, RENDER calls princ-to-string.

(defgeneric render (object)
  (:method (object)
    (princ-to-string object)))

Print Html

The interpreter. Calls render for objects it is not specialized for.

(defgeneric print-html (object stream)
  (:method (object stream)
    (print-html (render object) stream))
  (:method ((char character) stream)
    (case char
      (#\< (write-string "&lt;" stream))
      (#\> (write-string "&gt;" stream))
      (#\& (write-string "&amp;" stream))
      (#\" (write-string "&quot;" stream))
      (t (write-char char stream))))
  (:method ((string string) stream)
    (map nil (lambda (char) (print-html char stream)) string))
  (:method ((list list) stream)
    (dolist (object list)
      (print-html object stream))))

Print OBJECT to string. Note: This function is also used to escape attributes.

(defun print-html-to-string (object)
  (with-output-to-string (stream)
    (print-html object stream)))


(defstruct tag name attrs children)

(defmethod print-html ((self tag) stream)
  (print-html (tag-children self) stream))

(defmethod print-html :before ((self tag) stream)
  (format stream "~&<~(~a~)~{ ~(~a~)=~s~}>" (tag-name self)
	  (loop for (k v) on (tag-attrs self) by #'cddr when v
	     collect (print-html-to-string k) and
	     collect (print-html-to-string (if (eq v t) k v)))))

(defmethod print-html :after ((self tag) stream)
  (unless (member (tag-name self) *self-closing-tags*)
    (format stream "</~(~a~)>~&" (tag-name self))))

Html DSL

Macroexpand example:

The code

    ((:span :style "color:blue") "text")))

expands to

                                      (LIST :STYLE "color:blue")
                                      (HTML "text"))))

and evaluates to

"<span style=\"color:blue\">text</span>"

The html generation macro:

(defmacro html (&body body)
  (labels ((listify (x) (if (listp x) x (list x)))
           (codegen (x)
             (cond ((atom x) x)
                   ((not (keywordp (car (listify (car x))))) x)
                   (t (destructuring-bind (head &rest body) x
                        (destructuring-bind (name &rest attrs) (listify head)
                          `(make-tag :name ,name :attrs (list ,@attrs)
                                     :children (html ,@body))))))))
    `(list ,@(mapcar #'codegen body))))

Extending the Print-Html package


Print doctype.

(defmethod print-html ((self (eql :doctype-html)) stream)
  (format stream "<!doctype html>~&"))


Print string without escaping

(defstruct (unsafe (:constructor unsafe (string))) string)

(defmethod print-html ((unsafe unsafe) stream)
  (write-string (unsafe-string unsafe) stream))