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The new repository for this mod can be found at:
Please report issues to: (select "advtrains" in the project list)
This repository will continue to mirror the state of advtrains as it was on 2018/06/14.
Issues and PRs reported here will probably no longer be processed.
Original readme:
## ADVTRAINS ## realistic trains in Minetest!
by orwell96 and contributors(see below)
For up-to-date information, visit
See manual.pdf (might not be up to date)
For information on LuaATC see the file inside the advtrains_luaautomation mod directory.
License of code: LGPL 2.1
License of media: CC-BY-SA 3.0
Gravel Texture : from Minetest Game
Initial rail model/texture : DS-minetest
Models for signals/bumpers : mbb
Steam engine / wagon texture: mbb
Detailed Steam engine : mbb / Krokoschlange(animation)
Industrial engine/wagons : mbb
Inventory images : mbb
Small code contributions : NaruTrey
Major code contributions : gpcf
Mod Description : hajo
advtrains_crossing_bell : Codesound
advtrains_japan_horn : Codesound
advtrains_steam_whistle : googol
advtrains_subway_horn :
advtrains_subway_* : Gabriel (gpcf, gbl08ma)
If I forgot someone please punish me for that.
You can see this mod in action on Linuxworks Next Generation server.
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