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Full Stack

This boots up all services (ORY Oathkeeper, ORY Hydra, ORY Keto) and creates the respective database schemas. It also boots the exemplary consumer application and resource server.

Running the Example

Run this example with:

$ cd ..; make start-full-stack

Please be patient. In the background the system will boot a PostgreSQL database, execute SQL migrations for two services, then create several configuration items. This might take up to 5 minutes, depending on your system. While you wait or when having trouble, you may want to check docker logs hydra-bc_postgresd_1, docker logs hydra-bc_keto-migrate_1, docker logs hydra-bc_oathkeeper-migrate_1, docker logs hydra-bc_hydra-migrate_1, and docker logs hydra-bc_services_1.

Once you are confident that everything is loaded (you're not seeing any error messages), try to run:

$ curl http://localhost:4445/clients
$ curl http://localhost:4456/rules
$ curl http://localhost:4466/engines/acp/ory/exact/policies
$ curl http://localhost:4466/engines/acp/ory/exact/roles

You should see the preconfigured settings and no errors.

To perform the OAuth 2 Authorize Code Flow, install ORY Hydra >= 1.0.0 locally and run:

$ hydra token user --client-id example-auth-code --client-secret secret --endpoint http://localhost:4444 --port 5555

Next, you should open http://localhost:4477 and check out the different examples.


This example has three docker containers:

  • A PostgreSQL database for ORY Hydra, ORY Keto, ORY Oathkeeper.
  • Our reference login and consent provider exposed at port 3000.
  • hydra serve all --dangerous-force-http which is exposed directly (without access control) at port 4444 an dport 4445.
  • oathkeeper serve proxy which is exposed at port 4455.
  • oathkeeper serve api exposed at port 4456. This endpoint lets you manage ORY Oathkeeper if you need to. Be aware that this service is not configured to use the database. Every time you restart the container, you will have to redo all changes made.
  • keto serve exposed at port 4466 without access control.
  • A script that loads all configuration items from the ./config directory and imports ORY Hydra OAuth 2.0 Clients, ORY Keto Access Control Policies, and ORY Oathkeeper Access Rules to each respective service.
  • The exemplary consumer application on port 4477
  • The exemplary resource server on port 4478

If you intend to run a system based on this example in production, be aware that none of the ports (except the Oathkeeper Proxy) should be exposed directly to the open internet, as some of the endpoint expose administrative features.


This set up loads several configuration files located in ./config:

  • OAuth 2.0 Clients for ORY Hydra:
    • consumer-app.json: This client allows the consumer app to request an OAuth 2.0 Access Token from the end user.
    • example-auth-code-flow.json: This client allows you to run the hydra token user --client-id example-auth-code --client-secret secret --endpoint http://localhost:4444 command.
    • introspection-app.json: This client allows the resource server to perform the OAuth 2.0 Token Introspection flow.
    • oathkeeper.json: This client allows ORY Oathkeeper to perform the OAuth 2.0 Token Introspection flow.
    • keto.json: This client allows ORY Keto to perform the OAuth 2.0 Token Introspection flow.
  • Access Control Policies for ORY Keto:
    • blog-foobar.json: This policy allows the user (this is the user from the exemplary login provider) to perform blog:read on resource blog:posts:1. The goal of this policy is to show how the ORY Keto Warden API works when implemented at the resource server.
    • blog-peter.json: This is another policy for an exemplary user peter and is also used at the exemplary resource server.
  • Access Rules for ORY Oathkeeper:
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