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This is a reference implementation for the User Login and Consent flow of Ory OAuth2 service (Hydra) in NodeJS. The application is bootstrapped using the express cli.


Apart from additions (./routes/login.ts, ./routes/consent.ts) and their respective templates, only a [CSRF Middleware] has been added. Everything else is the standard express template.

Also, a simple helper that makes HTTP requests has been added to ./services/hydra.js which uses the node-fetch library.

To set this example up with ORY Hydra, please refer to the official documentation.


Please head over to the ORY Hydra 5 Minute Tutorial to see how this works.


TLS Termination

You can mock TLS Termination by setting environment variable MOCK_TLS_TERMINATION to any value, for example MOCK_TLS_TERMINATION=y. This will add X-Forwarded-Proto: https to each HTTP Request Header.

Integrating with Ory Cloud

To integrate this example app with Ory Cloud Oauth2 Service set variable ORY_API_KEY with value of your Ory API Key / Ory Personal Access Token and set HYDRA_ADMIN_URL to the value of you Ory Cloud API URL which you can find in your Ory Cloud Project