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- [Quickstart](#quickstart)
- [5 minutes tutorial: Run your very own OAuth2 environment](#5-minutes-tutorial-run-your-very-own-oauth2-environment)
- [Installation](#installation)
- [Download binaries](#download-binaries)
- [Using Docker](#using-docker)
- [Building from source](#building-from-source)
- [Ecosystem](#ecosystem)
- [ORY Security Console: Administrative User Interface](#ory-security-console-administrative-user-interface)
- [ORY Oathkeeper: Identity & Access Proxy](#ory-oathkeeper-identity--access-proxy)
@@ -140,62 +137,7 @@ It will take you about 5 minutes to complete the **[tutorial](

### Installation

There are various ways of installing ORY Hydra on your system.

#### Download binaries

The client and server **binaries are downloadable at [releases](**.
There is currently no installer available. You have to add the ORY Hydra binary to the PATH environment variable yourself or put
the binary in a location that is already in your path (`/usr/bin`, ...).
If you do not understand what that all of this means, ask in our [chat channel]( We are happy to help.

#### Using Docker

**Starting the host** is easiest with docker. The host process handles HTTP requests and is backed by a database.
Read how to install docker on [Linux](, [OSX]( or
[Windows]( ORY Hydra is available on [Docker Hub](

You can use ORY Hydra without a database, but be aware that restarting, scaling
or stopping the container will **lose all data**:

$ docker run -e "DATABASE_URL=memory" -e "ISSUER=https://localhost:4444/" -d --name my-hydra -p 4444:4444 oryd/hydra

*Note: We had to create a new docker hub repository. Tags prior to 0.7.5 are available [here](*

**Using the client command line interface:** You can enter into the ORY Hydra container
and execute the ORY Hydra command from there:

$ docker exec -i -t <hydra-container-id> /bin/sh
# e.g. docker exec -i -t ec91228 /bin/sh
root@ec91228cb105:/go/src/ hydra
Hydra is a twelve factor OAuth2 and OpenID Connect provider

#### Building from source

If you wish to compile ORY Hydra yourself, you need to install and set up [Go 1.11+](

The following commands will check out the latest release tag of ORY Hydra and compile it and set up flags so that `hydra version`
works as expected. Please note that this will only work with a linux shell like bash or sh.

go get -d -u
cd $(go env GOPATH)/src/
HYDRA_LATEST=$(git describe --abbrev=0 --tags)
git checkout $HYDRA_LATEST
GO111MODULE=on go install \
-ldflags "-X$HYDRA_LATEST -X`TZ=UTC date -u '+%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ'` -X`git rev-parse HEAD`" \
git checkout master
$GOPATH/bin/hydra help
Head over to the [ORY Developer Documentation]( to learn how to install ORY Hydra on Linux, macOS, Windows, and Docker and how to build ORY Hydra from source.

## Ecosystem

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