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Installation and Setup of python pyenv on windows with powershell

  1. Install pyenv-win

    I strongly recommend cloning the official pyenv-win git-repository to have the latest python-versions available.
    I also recommend to previously remove all other python-versions installed by chocolatey.
    Otherwise your PATH may get messed up. but if you're keen on fixing this yourself you may choose to install pyenv with choco install pyenv-win or as pypi-package with pip install pyenv-win --target $env:USERPROFILE/.pyenv
    Drawback: You won't get automatic updates on python anymore.
    Dont' forget to delete the old python shim when using chocolatey (in C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\bin or the pyenv won't get recognized correctly, because the chocolatey PATH has precedence over the local PATH pyenv uses.

    git clone $env:USERPROFILE\.pyenv
  2. Set the ennvironment variable PYENV

        [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("PYENV", "$env:USERPROFILE\.pyenv\pyenv-win", "Machine")
  3. refreshenv

  4. Add $env:PYENV\bin and $env:PYENV\shims to PATH

        $path = [Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("PATH", "User")
        [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("PATH", "$path;$env:PYENV\bin;$env:PYENV\shims", "User")
  5. refreshenv

  6. Install your prefered python(s) (On Windows-64 bit you have to add -amd64)

        pyenv install --list  # lists all installable versions
        pyenv install 3.8.1-amd64  # this is the newest version on 20-02-2020
  7. pyenv rehash

  8. re-setup your project-interpreters

    If you want to keep your 'old' (e.g. virtualenvwrapper) environments, you have switch to your Envs directory (~\Envs) and edit home and version in pyvenv.cfg for every enviroment.

    Example pyvenv.cfg:

        home = C:\Users\oryon\.pyenv\pyenv-win\versions\3.8.1-amd64
        include-system-site-packages = false
        version = 3.8.1
  9. (if your using my dotfiles-den) add the repository to the the repository update-list

        Add-Content $env:DEN_ROOT\local\git_pulls.txt "$env:USERPROFILE\.pyenv"

available commands

   commands    List all available pyenv commands
   local       Set or show the local application-specific Python version
   global      Set or show the global Python version
   shell       Set or show the shell-specific Python version
   install     Install a Python version using python-build
   uninstall   Uninstall a specific Python version
   rehash      Rehash pyenv shims (run this after installing executables)
   version     Show the current Python version and its origin
   versions    List all Python versions available to pyenv
   exec        Runs an executable by first preparing PATH so that the selected Python
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