os-autoinst test cases for openSUSE
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os-autoinst/openQA tests for openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Build Status

For more details see http://os-autoinst.github.io/openQA/

How to contribute

Fork the repository and make some changes. Once you're done with your changes send a pull request. You have to agree to the license. Thanks! If you have questions, visit us on irc.freenode.net in #opensuse-factory or ask on our mailing list opensuse-factory@opensuse.org

Coding style

The project follows the rules of the parent project os-autoinst. and additionally the following rules:

  • Take example boot.pm as a template for new files
  • The test code should use simple perl statements, not overly hacky approaches, to encourage contributions by newcomers and test writers which are not programmers or perl experts
  • Update the copyright information with the current year and SUSE LLC as the legal entity. For new files make sure to only state the year during which the code was written.
  • Use my ($self) = @_; for parameter parsing in methods when accessing the $self object. Do not parse any parameter if you do not need any.
  • DRY
  • Every pull request is tested by the travis CI by calling the equivalent of make test on the tests. It is recommended to call tools/tidy locally to fix the style of your changes before providing a pull request. Call make test to conduct all tests.

Also see the DoD/DoR as a helpful (but not mandatory) guideline for new contributions.


Most files are minimal copyleft, but some more complex tests are GPL. So please check the license within the files.