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EU Subsidies Data intends to increase transparency of EU-Funds by unravelling how the European Structural Investment Funds are spent. We collected and standardised all available beneficiary lists for the ERDF, ESF and CF for the 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 funding periods. These funds are partially funded by the EU and the Member States and allocated by regional authorities to local beneficiaries policy . Find out who has received funding in your country on Subsidy Stories.

The European Structural and Cohesion Funds (ESIF) are the main financial instrumentfor the implementation of the EU's regional policy. They cover 44 % of the overall 1082 Billion 7-year EU budget.

For the funding period 2007 - 2013 the budget for the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, and the Cohesion Fund together accounted for €347 billion. In the funding period 2014 - 2020 the budget is: €477 billion

Project overview

The project started while working on eu subsidy data for We officially kicked off with a Hackaton on the Transparency Hack/CSV conf Hackanton in Berlin in May 2016. On dataharvest we joined forces with the team of Follow the Subsidies . On Dataharvest we made the first overview of all datasets and portals

In Autumn of 2016 the data-wrangling work finally kicked off with a large group of volunteers. With funding from Adessium, the data-pipeline was built to ingest all datasets in Open-Spending. The front-end was built on Subsidy Stories to visualise and explore the data.

This repository is an intergral part of the project. It contains the documentation, the raw data, the code and additional information that has been gathered in the project.

What's in the repository?

The repository contains the following:

  • codelists/: codelist information (fields of type category)

  • common/: python code, including reusable project-wide pipeline processors

  • data/: data sources broken down per country and region.

  • Find here all the raw data.

  • geography/: geographical data.

  • documentation/: project documentation.

  • Find here the Methodology, Data Description, Policy explainers, and an Open Spending Manual

  • specifications/: source description and Fiscal Data Package files

Further information

Project Partners

This project is a collaborative effort between Open-Knowledge Germany, Open-Knowledge International and volunteers: Luigi Reggi, Sem vd Brink, Rui Barros, Zoltan Sipos, Mathias Huter, Bertrand Delvaux, Maria Manolova, Olaya Argueso, Adrian Ortiz, Marta, Rey, Delphine Reuter, Fernando Blat, Friedrich Lindenberg, Benjamin Knoedler, Veronika Voelinger, Christian Joergensen, Monisha Martins, Eliseo Antonini, Xavier Seingard, Alain Jenotte, Balazs Krich.


The EU structural funds datasets on regional and national level (in progress).






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