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dannyhenderson commented Mar 14, 2011

I started separating out the functions that are Core and are used in both the Admin and Shop and moving the Shop-specific functions up. This will make more sense because the admin has Admin-specific versions of these files.

If you don't approve of the structure, please pull in the path updates on the button draw functions so the Shop buttons display since the images were already moved into that local language folder and aren't displaying in the Shop.

Still a little shakey on github not sure if this pull request is formatted correct.



haraldpdl and others added some commits Jul 29, 2010

Use 0 as the cookie lifetime in session_set_cookie_params() (this sho…
…uld not be confused with session.gc_maxlifetime)

Add new Work/Session directory to hold file based session data files in
Update Shop Session Service module to use SERVICE_SESSION_EXPIRATION_TIME as the session life time (other sites use the default session.gc_maxlifetime value)
Allow dynamic Application parameters to be used with the DataTable (f…
…ixes multiple page set levels within the same Application (ie, Countries->Zones))
Replace Admin Payment class with a PaymentModuleAbstract abstract cla…
…ss which (Admin) payment modules must now use
Introduce PaymentModuleAbstract abstract class for (Shop) payment mod…
…ules to use.

Change Payment class behaviour to control loading of all classes or a specific class through loadAll() and load($module) methods.
Create PaymentModule entry in the Registry as a shortcut to the selected payment module.

haraldpdl and others added some commits Aug 19, 2010

Rename mysql drivers to MySQL Standard and MySQL InnoDB
Introduce OSCOM::callDB() to execute query modules
Start moving to PDO to interface with database servers. NOTES:
* Foreign Key compatibility layer (DONE)
* Cache support (TODO)
* Logging (removed altogether, might be brought back in the future)
* Transactions (handled by PDO)
* Debug (TODO)
* Error Logging (TODO)
Abstract SQL queries
Abstract Application Model methods
* Add osCommerce/OM/Custom directory to hold customizations of Core c…

* Remove hardcoded definition of OSCOM_BASE_DIRECTORY and use PHPs include_path
* Add own Autoloader class that extends SplClassLoader
unknown unknown
Session classes weren't loading correctly causing admin to fail login.
Added explicit includes, need to remove when structured correctly.
Merge branch 'master' into hpdl
Merge branch 'hpdl'
Moved function files up to main Core.
Pulled out Shop specific functions and created new includes struction in Shop for now.
Fixed button draw function for shop to look in the correct folders.
Merge branch 'oscmain'
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