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osCommerce Changelog
Copyright (c) 2006 osCommerce
08/17/2006 osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 060817
Please review the update-20060817.txt file for the important changes made.
11/13/2005 osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 051113
* Fixed bug 1662; update of customers address through the My Account page
resulted in the country value not being stored properly and affected tax
rate values.
11/12/2005 osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 051112
Please review the update-20060817.txt file for the important changes made.
* Index language definition: updated the Wiki link to point to the Knowledge
Base site
* Reviews Box: Renamed the following variables due to naming conflicts:
$review_query -> $rand_review_query
$review -> $rand_review
$review -> $rand_review_text
* Wrapped all input parameters with tep_output_string() in the tep_image()
function on the administration tool
* UPS shipping module removed due to it violating the UPS terms of service.
An alternative module can be found here:,1323
* Updated codebase for PHP 5.0 compatibility
* Updated database structure for MySQL 5.0 compatibility
12/07/2003 osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2
* Shared SSL servers are now properly supported with cookie parameters
existing for both normal and secure servers.
* The installation/upgrade procedure was simplified with a new layout.
* Internally set PHPs error reporting to E_ALL to remove all notice messages
on the Catalog module.
* Renamed default.php to index.php.
* Sanitize all user input on the Catalog module before inserting it into the
* Updated the layout of the shopping cart page.
* Fixed linefeed issues with emails.
* Modules are now installed at the Administration Tool via Install/Remove
buttons located in the infobox; no longer through clicking on the status
icons. This is to be consistent with other areas of the Administration
* Updated the layout of the product listing page.
* Updated the splitPageResults class to use the benefits a class provides.
* Realized the My Account Proposal as discussed on the developers forum
* Introduced the message stack class used on the Administration Tool to the
Catalog module. It has been extended to store messages in groups allowing
to display the messages in groups at separate sections of the page.
* Removed old European currencies (Deutsche Mark and Spanish Peseta)
* Update the default configuration parameters to meet the needs of USA (it
was previously meeting a mix of USA and European regulations)
* IP Address and Client Browser User Agent validations implemented for the
Security And Privacy Proposal.
* Session ID Regeneration feature implemented as part of the Security And
Privacy Proposal.
* New file upload class implemented.
* Search Engine Spider Session Prevention feature implemented as part of the
Security And Privacy Proposal.
* Manually round numbers in the tep_round() function, bypassing PHPs round()
and number_format() functions.
The PHP round() and number_format() functions return different results when
strings or floats are being processed.
* Added data validation to the Customers section on the Administration Tool.
* Tax Compounding logic corrected.
* Cross site scripting vulnerabilities fixed.
* Moved filename and database table definitions from application_top.php to
their own files.
* The Tax Priority can now be inserted when creating new tax rates in the
Administration Tool.
* Implement the force cookie usage and ssl_session_id validations features
from the Security and Privacy Proposal.
* Virtual products tax update (virtual products were not being updated as no
shipping address is in use. Instead, the billing address is used to base
the taxes on.
02/17/2003 osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 1
*** The changelog entry for the 2.2 Milestone releases will be updated ***
*** throughout the Milestone release path. The information here is ***
*** currently old. ***
* Manufacturer now saved when adding products. (bug fix)
* Added .htaccess file in the 'includes' directory for some security (blocks
direct http requests to .php files).
ie, http://server/catalog/includes/application_top.php
* New cache class added for the categoies box (only for PHP4)
- Note, this is disabled by default due to our run out-of-the-box approach.
Can also be used in other areas of the catalog.
* New Who's Online section in the administration tool.
* Updated payment and shipping modules structure - no longer has multiple
include statements - and are now classes.
* Administration Tool sections now with opened/closed box approach (the list
of functions was getting too long!).
* New login and create account option page (ala Amazon style)
* Click on the products image (in products details) and a new browser window
will open and resize itself to the image shown - used to display larger
pictures of the product.
* All font styles are now in stylesheets.
* Full locaization support (ie, categories title, products descriptions,
image buttons, etc)
* Table names now as constants (variables)
* Banner support functionality
* Products expected now as normal products (with descriptions)
* Stock control functionality
* Products with different attributes can now be added to the shopping cart.
(feature fix)
* support added
* Sessions can now be stored in the database
* Tell-A-Friend function for products
* Information box, with all informations about shipping & returns, privacy
notice and conditions of use
* Newsletter function in the administration tool.
* New zones for germany, swiss and austria.
* Prices can now be handled with/without tax. The tax would be correct
* Prices in all countries which joined the euro currency, displays the prices
in euro and national currency. This is a european guideline which is now
support by TEP.
* All address information is now stored in the address_book table only. This
change was made to reduce redundancy and allow more feautures in the
checkout part (e.g. selection of different BillTo and SendTo addresses)
03/06/2001 The Exchange Project Preview Release 2.1
* Payment methods are now modules, makes it easier to implement other payment
methods. Supported methods COD, Credit Card, Paypal. CC also supports
storing only part of the CC# in the DB with the other digits being emailled
to a specific email address.
* Shipping Modules - Modular shipping methods with support for UPS, USPS,
FEDEX(Ground), Per Item and Flat rate shipping.
* Db query clean up a few AS clauses were added for earlier MySQL versions.
Error checking added for when no records exist.
* Added languages box - customers can now choose their language anywhere
except during the checkout procedure (due to POST variables in forms)
* Added currencies box - customers can now choose their currency independent
from the language chosen
* Currencies can be added/deleted/modified through the administration tool -
no longer through individual language files in the include directory
* Added a 'Contact Us' Page.
* Added COMMENTS field to Orders table - an order history
Need to ALTER TABLE orders ADD comments TEXT not null;
* Selectable columns in 'Product Listings'.
* Added a delete button to the orders in the admin tool.
* Solved a problem with the session id not being passed to the secure server.
* Countries added to the admin tool.
* The 'Add a Quickie' box now uses the model number instead of the product
* The 'Search' box and the 'Advanced Search' now use the same engine.
* Backup in the admin tool.
* Numerous bugs fixed.
* Categories box has been updated to display path taken in bold, and display
the parent categories (tree navigation)
* Font styles implemented
* tep_image now optionally calculates image size if omitted
* products_to_manufacturers table removed. Manufacturers are now directly
link to products, via manufacturers_id record in the products table
* tep_href_link now removes extra & and ? characters in the URL
* Products with no manufacturers are now listed in the catalog module
* New DIR_* definitions for easier understanding ->
FS = Filesystem (physical)
WS = Webserver (virtual)
12/13/2000 The Exchange Project Preview Release 2.0a
* Added FedEx shipping module
* Bugfixes
12/02/2000 The Exchange Project Preview Release 2.0
* Manufacturers pull-down select box
* Number of products in each category displayed
* Bestsellers box
* See what other customers have brought (linked to current product displayed)
* Administration Tool now user-friendlier via new layout
* Categories-to-Categories structure
* Spanish added to the official languages supported
* Dynamic product attributes
* Tax zones, classes, and rates
* Now PHP3/PHP4 compatible
* Some configuration parameters now in database
* Manufacturers now directly linked to products
* Status of orders can now be modified
* New advanced search page
* Order confirmation emails can now be sent to multiple addresses
* Address formating function implemented
* PayPal payments implemented
* Currencies are now formated to the selected locale
05/14/2000 The Exchange Project Preview Release 1.1
* Customization variables and constants
* English and German localization
* New products and upcoming products modularized
* Added custom tep_db_* database functions
* Added custom tep_session_* session functions
* Added tep_href_link function
* Added tep_image function
* Added tep_image_submit function
* Added tep_black_line function
* Added tep_break_string function
* Added tep_products_in_cart function
* Added tep_exit function
* Added tep_number_format function
* Reviews-Box now displays a random review
* account_edit_process.php updated
* Review-Box: text now broken to avoid exceeding box width
* address_book_add.php updated, also combined with
* login.php updated, also combined with login_process.php
* login_forgotten.php and login_forgotten_process.php now combined to
* Added products image to reviews info
* products_reviews_write.php and products_reviews_write_process.php combined
* shopping_cart.php updates
* shopping_cart.php now displays proper price on special for nonsess cart
* Fixed misalignment of checkout information
* New directory structure for includes
* application_top.php and application_bottom.php implemented for application
wide parameters
* column_left.php and column_right.php structure implemented
* Display parse time of pages
* SQL queries optimized
* tep_number_format function implemented, but not in use
* Fixed add a quickie bug - when product did not exist in catalog, it
inserted a null entry in the cart
03/12/2000 The Exchange Project Preview Release 1.0
* Initial Release
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