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Make address field sequence change depending on the shop country.
Highlight documentation on how to correct security errors.
Make the default status for payment methods and shipping methods inactive when they are installed.
Some general clarification/grammar of the install.sql.
Change "Define Language" to "Edit Screen Text" to make it more obvious to non-techie users what it does.
Move the help text to top of the screen so it is more in your face.

GeoffreyWalton added some commits Jun 6, 2014

@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Changes to sort order for installed payment and shipping modules 54a9dcd
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Clarify error meaasage in administrators and security check
Add column title in security check
Clarify next steps after installation
Add option - index to root htaccess
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Automatically change the order of the address fields depending on the…
… address_format specified for the STORE_COUNTRY.

$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city, $postcode$cr$statecomma$country','$city / $country

$lastname $firstname$cr$streets$cr$city, $state    $postcode$cr$country','$city, $state / $country

So for the UK the post code will appear after the city and for stores in the US before.

It can also display the surname field before the christian name field.

$lastname $firstname$cr$streets$cr$city, $state    $postcode$cr$country','$city, $state / $country
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Remove excess php tags and set default country to store county.
Change address bok maintenance to reorder fields to country standard.
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Address book maint now reorders input address fields to store country…
… order.
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Clarify some configuration entries and grammar check the install sql.
Next task, make default enabled setting false on uninstalled payment and shipping modules so they can be configured before appearing on the site.
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Change the default status of payment methods and shipping methods to …

This will allow them to be configured before customers can see them.
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Trying to make the admin functionality more accessible to normal shop…
… owners rather than developers.

Change "Define Language" to "Edit Screen Text", move the help text above the edit area where it can be seen and expand/simplify the help text.
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton And the two files that should have been with the last commit/push c3c210b
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Change field name in code from $pieces to $address_position to help o…
…thers understand code.
@GeoffreyWalton GeoffreyWalton Correct display of column title 283b59b
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