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Fix for bxgallery on jquery 1.8.1 #21

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Fix for bxgallery where

  • element was not recognized as fist element (not showing the display none property) on jquery 1.8.1

  • haraldpdl and others added some commits Sep 16, 2010
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update buttons with jQuery UI Buttons 135680a
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update tep_draw_button() parameter 15601d2
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl improve tep_draw_button() 3468522
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Introduce jQuery compatible CSS design layout 7f7749c
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add missing </form> tag 7c66aef
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Convert table to an ordered list 3160abc
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Integrate the 960 Grid System CSS framework into the core template
    Replace contentHeading CSS definition with h2
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update configuration parameter names to avoid conflict with language …
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add the jQuery bxGallery image gallery plugin 4fa6be9
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add a click() trigger to the thumbnail hover() event 84ca9ed
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add the jQuery Fancybox image and HTML content display plugin 606f985
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add bxGallery and Fancybox to the core template 621726e
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Integrate bxGallery and Fancybox into the product information page; A…
    …dd basic support for multiple product images
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add missing </span> tag (fix bug #51) cb83ed6
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add missing </div> tags b252236
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Rename SECpay payment module to SECPay 759ede9
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update SECPay payment module d58f09a
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update jQuery UI from v1.8.4 to v1.8.5 e0ff4c5
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add template_top.php/template_bottom.php to the Administration Tool l…
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Replace usage of SpiffyCal with jQuery UI DatePicker widgets b02041d
    @markkevans markkevans Add missing h3. Fixes issue #58 e3cfc56
    @markkevans markkevans Add alt tags to images. Fixes issue #52 aa5e501
    @markkevans markkevans Remove <s> in favour of <del> Fixes issue #62 931cbb5
    @markkevans markkevans Cosmetic cleanup. Fixes issue #53 c3a6dfc
    @markkevans markkevans Small cosmetic change. Fixes issue #54 738e4a9
    @markkevans markkevans Remove length check on current password so that the length can be cha…
    …nged by the admin. Fixes issue #50
    @markkevans markkevans Fix issue with SEF URL's when no manfacturer is selected in advanced …
    …search. Fixes issue #40
    @markkevans markkevans Use tep_get_ip_address() rather accessing the variable directly so it…
    … works via proxies as well. Fixes issue #75
    @markkevans markkevans Fix productListing header style and mouseover dee5217
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update product listing header and data css definitions 33f5c20
    @markkevans markkevans Fix a php notice for undefined index id when adding a product without…
    … attributes to the cart
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Account link list (fix #82) da0afa7
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update DOCTYPE to XHTML 1.0 Transitional 0809983
    @markkevans markkevans Replace <br> with <br /> 4e855f8
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl replace <br> with <br /> 7b9063c
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Convert <button> links to <a href> to function when javascript is dis…
    @markkevans markkevans Replace <b></b> with <strong></strong> cfa20b6
    @markkevans markkevans Fix XHTML errors b865531
    @markkevans markkevans More XHTML fixes ffe779e
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl replace <br > with <br /> e571d5d
    @bodi000 bodi000 functions tep_output_generated_category_path and tep_get_generated_ca…
    …tegory_path_ids updated due to XHTML fixes
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove preview page when inserting/updating products 8606a64
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Merge branch 'master' of 3a633e4
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add initial support for multiple large product images in the Administ…
    …ration Tool
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Automatically add id="" to input fields if it is not present in $para…
    …meters (report #86)
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add jQuery Datepicker to date of birth fields (report #92) 363db3e
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Sync previous changes 5c41ca7
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove redundant code (report #94) 8194e1c
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtml fixes 26c88ee
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Change onChange to onchange 185fa87
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Convert <button> links to <a href> to function when javascript is dis…
    Optimize stylesheet definitions
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update search popup help window (now a jQuery Dialog, and opens a new…
    … window when javascript is disabled) (report #67)
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Generalize header tags oscTemplate class methods to support groups of…
    … modules interact with the template layout
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Modularize boxes; remove column_left/right.php beae701
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl properly check the constant value 7e27463
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove selected_box references 773a581
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Modularize admin module configuration page ec38914
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl remove redundant language definitions f6570dc
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add stripos() compatibility function (report #100) 2232eb5
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtml fixes (report #91) 30a5f92
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl move image border=0 to stylesheet (issue #96) 69e04a3
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl replace & with &amp; in links (issue #96) ad2ef8f
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add jQuery Datepicker to the admin customers page (issue #99) 20c81be
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add jQuery Datepicker to advanced search page (issue #97) e1196da
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl add check for products_id (issue #89) ef00e4d
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl check if object is first set (issue #80) a0b9b24
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl load either the developers configure.php file or the server file, not…
    … both.
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl silence uname notices (report #78) 9a23dfd
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl check if variables are set (report #77) 4e18a3b
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl remove redundant parameters in checkout_process.php
    check if variables are set
    (report #70)
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl check if variable is set (report #68) 714eec8
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl check if variable is set (report #74); set store country as default c…
    @markkevans markkevans XHTML Fixes 84767e5
    @markkevans markkevans Initial commit of basic reviews moderation. All new reviews are not p…
    …ublished and can be published / removed from the admin
    @markkevans markkevans Add a dashboard module to show the 6 latest reviews 0a8b415
    @markkevans markkevans Show review status in the dashboard module 621631d
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add MailChimp E-Commerce 360 header tag module 5e56a04
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl add number of new modules to the Install Module button feb8b04
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl check if LANGUAGE_CURRENCY exists (report #109) ea92563
    @foxp2 foxp2 update jquery 32315c2
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update jQuery UI images to v1.8.6
    Update Administration Tool to use jQuery UI v1.8.6
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix YouTube xhtml markup
    Remove extra </li> in product_info (issue #96)
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtml fixes (report #96) 0973ecc
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl ignore $wrap as it is no longer used in the core xhtml template 0f53b09
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Undo previous commit of automatically adding id="$name" to input fiel…
    …ds; multiple fields could share the same name/id even though they would exist in different forms
    @foxp2 foxp2 xhtml fixes (report 108) 3eb89a3
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtml fixes (report #108) ccf3fd0
    @foxp2 foxp2 shopping_cart.php is invalid because tep_drawn_hidden_field for attri…
    …butes are includes in <table>
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl standards updates 7222fe8
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtm fixes (report #96) e6f551a
    @markkevans markkevans Fix single quoted words in advanced search 4986359
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix missing </tr> (report #107)
    Only show new products if products exist
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Fancybox to v1.3.4 48fe860
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Apply Fancybox to standard images; hide thumbnails for one product im…
    …age (report #105)
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Allow the template class to control the grid layout (report #104) 679e3dc
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl move template specific logic out of the template class to template_to…
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Move xmlns out of the language definition to the template file f07164c
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Move box language definitions to box module language definition file 005f29e
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl fix definition keys f365833
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Manually add id="" parameters 03bd1e2
    markkevans and others added some commits Aug 20, 2011
    @markkevans markkevans Remove spaces from image title tag. Fixes issue #148 b19ccce
    @markkevans markkevans Make sure page and module parameters are passed correctly when paging…
    … through action recorder. Fixes issue #336
    @markkevans markkevans Remove deprecated eregi functions. 291bf07
    @markkevans markkevans Add tep_get_all_params() to the info icon as well to make sure paging…
    … is handled properly. Fixes issue #336
    @markkevans markkevans Correct key case of onkeyup. Fixes issue #343 3390d4e
    @markkevans markkevans Remove the need to check for posted data as the preview has been remo…
    …ved. Fixes issue #221
    @markkevans markkevans Tweak to issue #221 to only load the description if we have a product_id 3dde6b0
    @markkevans markkevans Use the local spinner.gif rather than rely on an external site. Fixes…
    … issue #168
    @markkevans markkevans Revert "Use the local spinner.gif rather than rely on an external sit…
    …e. Fixes issue #168"
    This reverts commit 7209139cb7ed7648b82e175fba5688d708416e17.
    @markkevans markkevans Fix undefined index errors on checkout confirmation page. Fixes issue…
    … #245
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix indenting 85780b8
    @markkevans markkevans Remove unused constants. Fixes issue #157 be1cb73
    @markkevans markkevans Make sure manufacturers_id isn't empty before trying to filter on it.…
    … Fixes issue #195
    @markkevans markkevans Correct the number of reviews count on the product info page. Fixes i…
    …ssue #162 and #138
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Optimize reading from /dev/urandom with stream_set_read_buffer(). (Th…
    …anks to Elin Waring and Tim Starling)
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Seeding is automatically performed on PHP 4.2.0 c1bd382
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add mcrypt_create_iv() to get_random_bytes() c8a84b1
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Replace newly introduced tep_generate_password() function with an imp…
    …roved tep_create_random_value() version; the usage of mt_rand() here is replaced with Phpass' better random bytes generator function.
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Change the password forgotten routine to send a personal link to the …
    …customer instead of a new password. Here they can enter their own new password or continue with their old password if they remembered it. This prevents abuse of resetting account passwords of known email addresses.
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update admin PasswordHash 0a93dfb
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Clear password reset key and date on login 5db415c
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl New Action Recorder module to check and limit customer password resets. 964d6e4
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add database records for the password reset action recorder module db0d13b
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update version to v2.3.2 dd41ce7
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Prepare v2.3.2 e2980e7
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add release notes
    Move previous upgrade guide to the extras directory
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Also alias and keep track of null variables in the session (fix for P…
    …HP54 compatibility)
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl fix indenting 85caa81
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl * Reset $SID (bug #465)
    * Replace logic to use session_regenerate_id(true) and increase minimum PHP usage version from v4.1 to v5.1.
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Don't add the session ID to image links (fix bug #445) ad81ae1
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add images/samsung as a whitelist security directory (bug #467) cb724d0
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl * Define the default timezone during installation (bug #447)
    * Remove redundant is_numeric() compatibility function
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Work around PHP bug 55544 regarding conflict with ob_gzhandler and zl…
    …ib output compression (thanks to Robert Fisher for pointing this out)
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove redundant PHP3 code (bug #377) 67e844d
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl GZIP Compression Updates
    * gzcompress() is only available from PHP 4.0.1
    * make sure ini_set() is available before using it
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Time Zone Update
    If PHP >= 5.2 is used, show a Time Zone field during the installation routine and store the value in the configuration file.
    Set the default time zone to this value, or to date_default_timezone_get() if it is not set (existing installation) to prevent a PHP 5.3 E_WARNING
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Propose Robot NoIndex Header Tag Module
    Adds a meta robot noindex tag to specified pages
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Robot NoIndex Header Tag Module
    * Show a list of files for the store owner to choose from (thanks to Jack (Jack_mcs) for the feedback and Laurent (foxp2) for the code sample)
    * Change the robots meta content value to noindex,follow
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Improve Shopping Cart ID Detection (bug #473)
    * With a specific checkout routine it is possible for the shipping selection page to not detect a change in shopping cart contents and can present a list of outdated shipping options to the customer. Thanks to Wojtek Ruszczewski (wrwrwr) for bringing this to our attention.
    * Also reset the shopping cart ID in the shopping cart class update_quantity() method (this method is used by Add-Ons).
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Typecast remaining parameters be9f588
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove Google Buzz Social Bookmark module (no longer in service) 0e85db1
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix tyop 3fd717a
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Proposal rich snippets markup for the product info page 2282b27
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl micro data updates
    * Fix price
    * Add InStock, OutOfStock, and PreOrder item availability
    * Fix manufacturer
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Introduce Google+ +1 and Google+ Share Social Bookmark modules 3010827
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Install Google+ Share Social Bookmark module by default 1be0fc8
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Introduce Canonical Header Tags module
    Used currently for category listings and product information page
    @gburton gburton Social Bookmark Module for Pinterest 8f86f22
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Pinterest Header Tag Module 25665b7
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Enable Pinterest Header Tag module by default a50acf4
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update schema microdata
    * Add priceCurrency
    * Change css display:none to meta tags
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl v2.3.3 Changelog 4de406a
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update version to v2.3.3 8579d30
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix edit button link (bug #475) 25c5b85
    @gburton gburton Fix Typo. Bug #477 a305829
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Delete obsolete image 71b9f7d
    @gburton gburton Fix hardcoded images/ directory. Bug #476 271b593
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl The products_id may be a string containing attributes 82e9c61
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Check if the products_id is defined in the request URL f37d16c
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update to the latest version (also fixes bug #159) a152d04
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update to latest jQuery libraries
    * jQuery 1.4.2 to 1.8.0
    * jQuery UI 1.8.6 to 1.8.22
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Merge pull request #11 from acidvertigo/patch-1
    Patch for bxgallery to work with jquery 1.6.x. Title "undefined" issue
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update bxGallery to work with jQuery 1.8.0 fd0c47d
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove indexing of ext/ and images/ 9d59237
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Changelog d41c795
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Changelog 7038cf8
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update release notes aaed17f
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Enable Canonical and Robot NoIndex Header Tag Modules by default 5552b21
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add canonical link to manufacturers listing (bug #481) 7a0597d
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add date to Changelog 3d40149
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl fix jQuery 1.8.0 and jQuery UI 1.8.22 bug with dialog buttons; http:/… af9ea37
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Changelog release date for v2.3.3 32a2fcd
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Update release notes d82cd34
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove legacy file 90d2b89
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Upgrade jQuery UI from 1.8.22 to 1.8.23 bd2d424
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Start changelog for v2.3.4 c6c7d99
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix height of thumbnails (bug #482) 84abd05
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix height and width of thumbnails (bug #482) 77328cd
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl When redirecting from HTTPS -> HTTP and replacing the url with a HTTP…
    …S version, also take DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG into consideration (bug #492)
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Replace httpClient() with a modular implementation
    Near API identical redesign of the httpClient() class to support modular drivers, introducing support for Curl and HttpRequest.
    SSL certificates and hosts are now verified for HTTPS connections.
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove namespace ed7b36d
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add Stream httpClient() driver f2d9eee
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Set default scheme and port 6bf3167
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add httpClient socket driver 4858763
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl * Set Content-Type and Content-Length for POST requests.
    * Return false when file_get_contents() fails.
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Allow post parameters to be passed as a string 6c79ed1
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Use getResponseMessage()->toString() instead of getRawResponseMessage() 6bdeb20
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add Connection: Close to the headers if Connection is not set 27aa9b9
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Trim the response body 85c01cf
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Decode chunked response bodies d3eaa41
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl * Use httpClient() for API requests and verify the HTTPS certificate
    * Check the seller e-mail address passed with the IPN
    * Only set the order status to the PayPal Acknowledged Order Status level when processing the IPN request and the PayPal payment status is completed.
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl * Update how the module is installed; new parameters can be installed…
    … on the fly without having to uninstall the module first
    * Added Primary Seller E-Mail Address parameter incase it is different from the Seller E-Mail Address (used in the IPN verification)
    * Added Proxy parameter to pass IPN API requests through
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl * Verify the PayPal transaction in before_process()
    * Add language definition to allow the PayPal return button to be customized
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Check for SSL/OpenSSL only when needed 7a7fa18
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl * Add savePublicCertificate() method to download public HTTPS certifi…
    …cates. This is used when bundled CA certificates are not available on the server and httpClient fails due to the strict verification of HTTPS certificates. Also useful when connecting to a known server with a self signed certificate. (Available from PHP5+)
    * Add addParameter() function to add additional parameters to the request.
    @haraldpdl haraldpdl Add check for openssl 98b817f
    @acidvertigo acidvertigo Update catalog/ext/jquery/bxGallery/jquery.bxGallery.1.1.min.js
    Fix for BxGallery where <li> element not recognized as first on Jquery 1.8.1 
    @acidvertigo acidvertigo closed this Sep 6, 2012

    @haraldpdl why pull this out? The only thing I see missing was in product schema the manufacturer field was missing which should branch to an itemscope for organization.

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