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an update for the latest jquery UI and redmond css #3

merged 317 commits into from Sep 18, 2013


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foxp2 commented Nov 10, 2010

enjoy ! :)
FoxP2 Aka Laurent

markkevans and others added some commits Feb 8, 2010

@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Move file manager out of the core framework 13488bc
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Remove images and defines related to the file manager 5018150
@haraldpdl haraldpdl add new predefined currencies to choose from when adding a new currency
change english charset to utf8
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Add new index modules for latest news and latest addons. Also added l…
…inks to the facebook / twitter / rss and newsletter feeds. News and Latest Addons feed is cached for 1 day
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Update URL's for the feeds 9c81a6c
@haraldpdl haraldpdl delete german and spanish language files 6a379d0
@haraldpdl haraldpdl standards updates, change order of service icons, add rss icon to add…
…ons feed
@haraldpdl haraldpdl update define languages page a5195db
@haraldpdl haraldpdl update doctype b73f90d
@haraldpdl haraldpdl update body tag d84ecfc
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add support for Accelerated Boarding c5b28a6
@haraldpdl haraldpdl reduce database queries for tax calculations c7b097e
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Enable PayPal Express by default (with Accelerated Boarding)
Whitelist includes/work as a writable directory
@haraldpdl haraldpdl clear cache directory 173f6fe
@haraldpdl haraldpdl fix check b8821aa
@haraldpdl haraldpdl ignore includes/work/* 4f5a780
@haraldpdl haraldpdl add .cache extension aad7570
@haraldpdl haraldpdl add api version 683ac7e
@vakondweb @haraldpdl vakondweb Backup manager defines changed, since it caused "open_basedir restric…
…tion" errors on some servers.
@haraldpdl matthijs dynamic year in copyright statement
hardcoded per request hpdl
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Initial check-in of version upgrade checker 42dd8b0
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Move upgrade results to dedicated page and add link into the tools box 07624ff
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Store result in cache file so that index module can let admin know a …
…new version is available
@haraldpdl haraldpdl set session.use_only_cookies to match SESSION_FORCE_COOKIE_USE 96750aa
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Version Check feature c9763c1
@haraldpdl haraldpdl rename update_check.php to version_check.php 6c31c69
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update version to v2.2; introduce new tep_get_version() function to r…
@haraldpdl haraldpdl change text to Version Checker ce8b53d
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Move html layout to template_top.php/template_bottom.php; introduce d…
…ynamic per-file header tags modules

Squashed commit of the following:

commit 729517bd44bcc11d4d2f7734b315357cfe798b05
Author: Harald Ponce de Leon <hpdl@oscommerce.com>
Date:   Fri Mar 5 16:14:00 2010 +0100

    sanitize title

commit 1d8110f65786c95af5522d7167bacea804ed33ab
Author: Harald Ponce de Leon <hpdl@oscommerce.com>
Date:   Fri Mar 5 14:44:46 2010 +0100

    new modular header tags feature integrated into template structure

commit a6fa7094cc8734c66b33fc2ce143baa853d61243
Author: Harald Ponce de Leon <hpdl@oscommerce.com>
Date:   Sun Feb 21 15:13:34 2010 +0100

    revert header.php and footer.php for compatibility reasons, introduce template_top.php and template_bottom.php to define the html layout

commit 4729ccaa57c26bc161d046540c8dd23aff2e413e
Author: Harald Ponce de Leon <hpdl@oscommerce.com>
Date:   Sun Feb 21 01:05:11 2010 +0100

    move html layout to header.php and footer.php
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add support for dynamic checkout image buttons (for PayPal campaigns)…
…; Update API to 60.0; Allow 0.00/free shipping for Instant Update
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Send debug email for invalid transactions; add useraction=commit to h…
…ave PayPal show "Pay Now" on their confirmation page (instead of "Continue"); unset $ppe_token when the customer cancels the order at PayPal and returns to the store
@haraldpdl haraldpdl add global scope 0a7ccbd
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix syntax d0a738e
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add path to cookie settings 6b5f18c
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update iPayment Credit Card; Introduce iPayment ELV and Prepaid modules 54f9b1b
@haraldpdl haraldpdl introduce new header tag modules to add the category name and manufac…
…turer name to the page title
@haraldpdl haraldpdl don't calculate currency values multiple times cb8c608
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Add a compatibility function for is_writable for Windows 7f5699a
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Add the function to administration tool 322b751
@haraldpdl haraldpdl rename tep_writeable() to tep_is_writable() f204d6a
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update USPS module 3f3dc72
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Update tep_get_system_information so it could be used to collect anon…
…ymous statistics with the store owners permission
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Add oscommerce version to info eaae531
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Add export button and implement save and send methods 92662ab
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Rename WorldPay Junior to RBS WorldPay Hosted 35cc9a2
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update WorldPay module (now called RBS WorldPay Hosted) 53464be
@haraldpdl haraldpdl New Store Logo page to upload a new store logo 47532bc
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add Moneybookers and Moneybookers Credit Card payment modules 4b535d3
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add check for VELOCITY_CHECK_EXCEEDED when testing the secret word 254d757
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add parameter to load payment pages through an iframe b28e914
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add payment logos f382a3f
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Parse values in the query 1a65437
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Make sure the special is active 6c82c0c
@gburton @haraldpdl gburton Fixed broken image functionality 42c6c8e
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Fix bug OSC-1094 - Incorrect spelling of database a9c600d
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Remove un-used MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_* defines 134fbfa
@haraldpdl haraldpdl standards updates 574c887
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add the hide_login parameter 3e6b5f7
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Replace tell a friend box with a modular social bookmarks box 338c46e
@haraldpdl haraldpdl New Facebook Like social bookmark module 10499e7
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update newsletter modules to support HTML emails 87ddfae
@haraldpdl haraldpdl update email header 5f97c6a
@haraldpdl haraldpdl New social bookmark module for Twitter Tweet Button 5a972f3
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Replace feeds with FeedBurner feeds ab293f1
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add a Related Account Description parameter 713d08a
@JanZ @haraldpdl JanZ Add support for phpass 10439b6
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update phpass implementation c368f30
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Rename PasswordHash.php to passwordhash.php 1bbebcb
@haraldpdl haraldpdl rename phpass classs filename on the admin side 70cf4d6
@Shadow-Lord @haraldpdl Shadow-Lord Payment and Shipping Modules not updating for some users 785bfc5
@haraldpdl haraldpdl standards updates 2f40cb9
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update submission of server information f85e80b
@haraldpdl haraldpdl anonymize server information f58590f
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update date with timezone; Show server address outside tep_get_system…
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Allow global header tag modules to be loaded for all pages a607638
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add OpenSearch global header tag module 70c5bfa
@haraldpdl haraldpdl move header tag modules to main directory; load all instead of indivi…
…dually based on request
@haraldpdl haraldpdl rename modules d4b584f
@haraldpdl haraldpdl convert header tag modules to proper modules; these are now loaded on…
… each page request; modules for specific pages need to be developed that way (checking against $PHP_SELF)
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add a Google Analytics header tag module a96ba97
@haraldpdl haraldpdl fix typo 063e25c
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update OpenSearch header tag module with parameters 021d8e2
@haraldpdl haraldpdl use favicon.ico as default icon a41127f
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update usage submit server address
Remove "MySQL" from version value
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add E-Commerce Tracking 881cedf
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Try cURL before fopen() when retrieving the RSS feed c56526f
@haraldpdl haraldpdl move and rename admin index modules to admin dashboard modules b2cbb73
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add jQuery library 97e51aa
@haraldpdl haraldpdl add Flot (jQuery chart library) 8a9d383
@haraldpdl haraldpdl include jquery and flot 51bb863
@haraldpdl haraldpdl New Total Revenue Dashboard module to show a chart of total revenue f…
…rom the last 30 days
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add tooltips to chart; convert output to heredoc 2f5566f
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix parameter title ea55499
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update version number to v2.3; Add header tag and admin dashboard mod…
…ule parameters to sql installation file
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Clean up admin index language definitions 117bd2b
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update language definition a2b34db
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update osCommerce Online Merchant logo c5606ad
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Bypass the .htpasswd checks for IIS 5878f2a
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Increase configuration_value size from varchar(255) to text 7bec66c
@haraldpdl haraldpdl New Moneybookers Payment Modules cd5cd97

haraldpdl and others added some commits Nov 2, 2010

@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add initial support for multiple large product images in the Administ…
…ration Tool
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Automatically add id="" to input fields if it is not present in $para…
…meters (report #86)
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add jQuery Datepicker to date of birth fields (report #92) 363db3e
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Sync previous changes 5c41ca7
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove redundant code (report #94) 8194e1c
@haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtml fixes 26c88ee
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Change onChange to onchange 185fa87
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Convert <button> links to <a href> to function when javascript is dis…

Optimize stylesheet definitions
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update search popup help window (now a jQuery Dialog, and opens a new…
… window when javascript is disabled) (report #67)
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Generalize header tags oscTemplate class methods to support groups of…
… modules interact with the template layout
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Modularize boxes; remove column_left/right.php beae701
@haraldpdl haraldpdl properly check the constant value 7e27463
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Remove selected_box references 773a581
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Modularize admin module configuration page ec38914
@haraldpdl haraldpdl remove redundant language definitions f6570dc
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add stripos() compatibility function (report #100) 2232eb5
@haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtml fixes (report #91) 30a5f92
@haraldpdl haraldpdl move image border=0 to stylesheet (issue #96) 69e04a3
@haraldpdl haraldpdl replace & with &amp; in links (issue #96) ad2ef8f
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add jQuery Datepicker to the admin customers page (issue #99) 20c81be
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add jQuery Datepicker to advanced search page (issue #97) e1196da
@haraldpdl haraldpdl add check for products_id (issue #89) ef00e4d
@haraldpdl haraldpdl check if object is first set (issue #80) a0b9b24
@haraldpdl haraldpdl load either the developers configure.php file or the server file, not…
… both.
@haraldpdl haraldpdl silence uname notices (report #78) 9a23dfd
@haraldpdl haraldpdl check if variables are set (report #77) 4e18a3b
@haraldpdl haraldpdl remove redundant parameters in checkout_process.php
check if variables are set
(report #70)
@haraldpdl haraldpdl check if variable is set (report #68) 714eec8
@haraldpdl haraldpdl check if variable is set (report #74); set store country as default c…
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans XHTML Fixes 84767e5
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Initial commit of basic reviews moderation. All new reviews are not p…
…ublished and can be published / removed from the admin
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Add a dashboard module to show the 6 latest reviews 0a8b415
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Show review status in the dashboard module 621631d
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add MailChimp E-Commerce 360 header tag module 5e56a04
@haraldpdl haraldpdl add number of new modules to the Install Module button feb8b04
@haraldpdl haraldpdl check if LANGUAGE_CURRENCY exists (report #109) ea92563
@foxp2 @haraldpdl foxp2 update jquery 32315c2
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update jQuery UI images to v1.8.6
Update Administration Tool to use jQuery UI v1.8.6
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix YouTube xhtml markup
Remove extra </li> in product_info (issue #96)
@haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtml fixes (report #96) 0973ecc
@haraldpdl haraldpdl ignore $wrap as it is no longer used in the core xhtml template 0f53b09
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Undo previous commit of automatically adding id="$name" to input fiel…
…ds; multiple fields could share the same name/id even though they would exist in different forms
@foxp2 @haraldpdl foxp2 xhtml fixes (report 108) 3eb89a3
@haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtml fixes (report #108) ccf3fd0
@foxp2 @haraldpdl foxp2 shopping_cart.php is invalid because tep_drawn_hidden_field for attri…
…butes are includes in <table>
@haraldpdl haraldpdl standards updates 7222fe8
@haraldpdl haraldpdl xhtm fixes (report #96) e6f551a
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Fix single quoted words in advanced search 4986359
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix missing </tr> (report #107)
Only show new products if products exist
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Fancybox to v1.3.4 48fe860
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Apply Fancybox to standard images; hide thumbnails for one product im…
…age (report #105)
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Allow the template class to control the grid layout (report #104) 679e3dc
@haraldpdl haraldpdl move template specific logic out of the template class to template_to…
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Move xmlns out of the language definition to the template file f07164c
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Move box language definitions to box module language definition file 005f29e
@haraldpdl haraldpdl fix definition keys f365833
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Manually add id="" parameters 03bd1e2
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Support internationalization for the jQuery UI Datepicker widget (rep…
…ort #103)
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Move bxGallery javascript file to own directory; Add and load local s…
…pinner.gif image
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Fix manufacturers box (report #61) 022e3e1
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Add new tables to the installer. Fixes Bug report 33 aaeaf6b
@haraldpdl haraldpdl drop all tables 7b71ed2
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add TEXT_ORIGIN_LOGIN again (report #63) fee8581
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Give buttons a css definition (report #66) 4cdf01e
@haraldpdl haraldpdl convert manufacturers list to ul list 7fc0779
@haraldpdl haraldpdl instead of popup, redirect to the product info page 9172d85
@haraldpdl haraldpdl add template block groups 1593985
@haraldpdl haraldpdl add language definitions 96146c1
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add a base href tag e7fbd1a
@haraldpdl haraldpdl update Moneybookers module 02eb603
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Fix search queries which use quotes. Fixes issue #45 8cefad6
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Update advanced search results to remove a possible SQL injection vector 58145a5
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Fix closing tag validation problem cac00f4
@haraldpdl haraldpdl remove BOX_WIDTH 74214ab
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update Sage Pay modules 51213e0
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Merge branch 'master' of github.com:haraldpdl/oscommerce2 41e9042
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Fix incorrect constant name 308d13e
@haraldpdl haraldpdl as no ENABLE_SSL parameter is defined, use ENABLE_SSL_CATALOG d795198
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans XHTML Fixes for messagestack debf2f4
@haraldpdl haraldpdl update changelog for v2.3 54ce487
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update documentation e645c13
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Add a message after a review is posted to inform user moderation is n…
…eeded. Fixes issue #123
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add a .gitattributes file to ignore directories for the "git archive"…
… command
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Fix incorrect define in reviews box. Fixes issue #122 32c6ec1
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Fix open_basedir error in passwordhash.php fixes issue #128 83b814c
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Fix wrong function name in installer. Fixes issue #129 af41631
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Fix currency code for Australian Dollars AUS -> AUD. Fixes issue #130 4d37f02
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Increase version to v2.3.1 817dcac
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Label the HTML Content field for large product images (report #126) f16ae00
@haraldpdl haraldpdl fix header d8f87be
@markkevans @haraldpdl markkevans Make XHTML Compliant e0d935b
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Update changelog 29cd4f6
@haraldpdl haraldpdl Add v2.3.1 upgrade guide
Fix documentation credits

@haraldpdl haraldpdl merged commit 8f18122 into osCommerce:master Sep 18, 2013

@gburton gburton added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 24, 2014

@gburton gburton Merge pull request #3 from osCommerce/master

@gburton gburton added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 27, 2015

@gburton gburton Deprecate Database Names #3 371137b
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