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 * osPID Firmware,  Version 1.5
 * by Brett Beauregard & Rocket Scream
 * License: GPLv3 & BSD License (For autotune)
 * April 2012

Updates for version 1.5
-restructured code to allow for different IO cards
-added reflow profile support
-eliminated LCD flicker
-error message when thermocouple is disconnected
-extreme code size / RAM improvement (mainly menu and EEPRom)
-consolodated the code into fewer files
 * osPID_Firmware.ino - Just about everything
 * io.h - IO card code.  pre-compiler flags control which card code is used
 * EEPROMAnything.h - halley's amazing EEPROMWriteAnything code.
 * AnalogButton .cpp _local.h - ospid button-reading/debounce code
 * PID_AutoTune_v0 .cpp _local.h - local copy of the autotune library (to avoid
   conflicts with possibly pre-installed copies)
 * PID_v1 .ccp _local.h - local copy of the PID library
 * max6675 .cpp _local.h - local copy of the max6675 library, used by the input card.
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